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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The BBC and the 'T' word

LINK::Much was made of the BBC's alleged reluctance to call the suspects involved in the London bombings terrorists. Here's BBC chairman Michael Grade answering those accusations;

Mr Grade was also questioned on the Today programme about the controversy surrounding the BBC's coverage of the London bomb attacks.
When pressed to say whether the perpetrators of the attacks were terrorists, he replied: 'Yes, and the BBC had been describing them as such.

'Not only my view, it's the view of all BBC journalists and editors and it has been very clearly signalled in all our news outlets

'The fact is that the BBC's coverage has used the words 'terror, terrorist' very freely on all our major news outlets. There was some subediting on a couple of pages of a website that I haven't got to the bottom of yet but which the director general I am sure will tell the governors about.'

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