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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bigot of the week

What a better way to comment on a Islamist cleric, who's being accused of blaming Jews and Christians for the London bombing, than to label an entire religion 'vermin', 'sub-human' and 'baby killers'.

RedWhiteAndJew 7/11/2005 09:56PM PDT
I think this is called projection.

The attribution of one's own attitudes, feelings, or desires to someone or something as a naive or unconscious defense against anxiety or guilt.

Yep. That's projection, all right.

These vermin need some serious psychoanalysis. They need to self-actualize; to own their viciousness, not label others.

A well-adjusted koranimal: "I'm a sick and twisted sub-human malignancy, hellbent on murdering Jew babies and paying back the Crusaders, all while legally kicking the couscous out of my wife/wives, and accumulating after-raisins in my Allahbanc account...and I'm OK with that."

I'm sure major companies will be lining up to advertise on LGF when they read such incisive, tolerant and humane commentary.

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