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Monday, July 04, 2005

Charles Johnson and Pajamas Media

[Sorry for the prolonged absence, back to business:]

Reader Pete sent us an email noting that Charles's attempts to show how unbiased he is ahead of the pajamasmedia launch is pretty pitiful. On the one hand CJ says:

"The fantasy that LGF will blindly rush to Rove’s defense is pure projection by the lefties, based on their own behavior, demonstrated time and time again. Sorry to disappoint the moonbats, but if Rove did something wrong it will be covered here just like any other news." (

On the other hand he has just given over a fair bit of space to an offhand rejection of all allegations against Rove. So Charles rejects all the 'leftie-spin', but just in case something sticks he's trying to pre-emptively wash his hands of partisanship. How lame can you get?

While we're at it, what's your favourite "LGF is fair and balanced" moment?

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