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Monday, July 11, 2005

Britain spared backlash

CRE Chief Trevor Phillips comments on the attitude of the British populace after the London attacks.

Britain's leading campaigner for racial equality said on Monday the country has been spared a major backlash against Muslims after 52 people were killed in suspected al Qaeda bomb attacks on London.

"What was remarkable about what happened is that there have been so few incidents, that we have not been turning our neighbours into our enemies," Trevor Phillips told Reuters after signing a book of condolence for the victims.

A decade ago, he said, things might have been very different.

The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) said: "The bombers want to divide this city because of its easy-going, multi-cultural mix. The fact that people work together and live together is an affront to them."

Muslims say they have been subjected to a higher than usual level of abuse since the attacks, including hate mail and attacks on mosques.

But they have also received many messages of support from non-Muslims who realise they have no sympathy for the bombers

In what he felt was a fitting epitaph to the innocent London commuters caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Phillips wrote: "London. Many races, many faiths, one people undivided and undefeated."

How depressing this must be for Charles and his armchair commandos? After all these are the same people who discussed the anticipated backlash thus;

#10 BrewCrew 7/7/2005 06:13AM PDT
It's time for a major backlash!

13 Sean II 7/7/2005 06:13AM PDT
Can we eradicate Islam now, please?

5 Pitiricus 7/7/2005 06:14AM PDT
I think that in slow motion the backlash has started...

I'll say the following: muslims are basically tone-deaf about other cultures... They don't understand that there are tabus in other cultures, like there are in their own. Because they don't recognize this, they do all to provoke a backlash. Danemark and Holland are the first step, but Europe is waking up.

I am quite afraid because as recent history shows, Europe can be as bloodthirsty as any muslim group. They don't know it, but they are about to discover it...

5 American Infidel 7/7/2005 06:18AM PDT
Moslems should be told to begin packing their bags and return to the shitholes whence they came...

Thanks to Dendragapus Obscurus in an earlier thread for the examples.

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