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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Plame-Rove inanity?

Does anybody else remember Charles Johnson reporting (or rather cutting and pasting somebody else's report) that Karl Rove wasn't the source of the Plame leak? In fact the piece portrayed Mr Rove as some sort of whistleblowing hero. For those of you who missed it here's the post.

And another trumped-up leftist cause du jour bites the dust.

Exclaimed Charles, except the story refuses to go away. As noted in his latest post on the subject.

Seems like Charles is now on the offensive. Claiming that the media are biased against Rove and Bush and that 'Lefty anti-Bush' Crooks and Liars blog believes the real threat to America is George W. Bush and not acts of terrorism like the one committed in London. Sounds like Charles is worried his favorite non-elected spin meister is for the chop. He even goes as far as describing this massive news story (check out every news outlet!) as;

Plame-Rove inanity

Pull the other one Charles.

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