Little Green Footballs

Thursday, July 07, 2005

That's it, enough is enough

We've been watching them for quite some time now. Their hate-filled manifestos and their ex-hippy leader. The way they thrive on terror. The way they lap up news of murder and mutilation. The way they claim to know the solution to all the world's problems despite being nothing but spoiled kids with too much time on their hands and a willingness to overlook even basic humanity while justifying the actions of those who would murder in the name of an abstract noun.

The time has come to stop paying attention to what the Little Green Footballs and their 'king' Charles F Johnson are saying. The day they exploited a mass killing in London, the city most of us live in, to further their nasty ideology, that day is the day we stop paying them any attention.

Blogs come, and blogs go. LGF's popularity has been on the decline for some time now and most of its former friends have abandoned it after seeing just how badly Johnson and his minions can twist logic to suit their agenda. We've decided that for all the anger LGF provokes, it can safely be ignored from now on, because Johnson's repeated mistakes have undermined his credibility to such a degree that hardly anyone takes him seriously anymore. We hope we're right.

And now home, to heal our wounds and those closest to us.

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