Little Green Footballs

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Jersey is not under attack!!

Chazmo strikes again! How many pairs of pants does this guy get through in an average week? Sadly, No! have more details and in-depth snark here.


The Sphinx said...

If you try to access LGF from Sadly No, you'll be redirected to a rather weird flash video. Apparently our friend has broken the link.

We're sorry Chuckles, we forgot that you're above criticism..

Anonymous said...

Charles should run ads on his site for treatments for paranoia. He'd make a fortune from the all the clickthroughs.

"This has all the underpinnings of a CAIR set up.

Plant a useless 'weapon' on someone who may or may-not be a muslim, and wait for all the anti-islamic-backlash to start. Then they sue some one."
- Yourtaxdollarsatwork

wcw said...

How about ongoing "The 'John Doe' Outrage"??? Basically the wingnuts want to be able to accuse anyone they like of terrorism, get the person yanked off a plane or whatever, with total impunity. You would think the wannabe heroes would want full accountability for their acts. But no, they want the credit if it goes right and the immunity if it goes wrong. Can you imagine the paranoid's field day the loons would have if they knew there was an act of Congress giving them a free ride in detecting terrorists under their beds?

The Sphinx said...

The "John Doe" affair is a scandal per definition. Imagine you are completely innocent and somebody just decides they don't like you, so they have you removed from the plane they're flying on.

And now can you find me a person who doesn't get pissed off and wouldn't press charges? I'll eat a sock if you can.

Anonymous said...

**********Breaking news************

"Humanity is approaching an unprecedented crisis when not enough oil and gas will be produced to keep industrial civilisation running, the world's top oilmen warned last week.

The warning – which is being hailed as a "tipping point" on both sides of the Atlantic – marks the first time that the industry has accepted that it may soon no longer be able to meet demand for its products. In Facing the Hard Truths about Energy, it gives authoritative support to concern about impending shortages, following a similar alert by the International Energy Agency less than two weeks ago.

The 420-page report, the most comprehensive study ever carried out into the industry, has been produced by the National Petroleum Council, a body of 175 authorities that reports to the US government. It includes the heads of the world's big oil companies including ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Occidental Petroleum, Shell and BP."

Full story,UK Independent

If you are worrying about terrorists, or your stocks and bonds you are worrying about the wrong thing.

Please spread the message via as many blogs and forums as possible.

This IS more important than any phoney "war on terrorism".

How will we explain to our grandchildren the squandering of resources and opportunities?

It's time we woke from our collective denial.