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Friday, July 13, 2007

Little Green Homophobes

Well, well scratch the surface of any bigot and all manner of new prejudices come to light. Check out some of the comments that accompany Chuckles' post entitled ' PFLP Leader: Arafat Died of AIDS'.

"Now the liberals will love him even more..."

"I thought AIDS started with monkey's and not goats?"

"So on top of a murderous, rebellious, ugly d*ck head, he was a homosexual too?"

"Can we raise the Andrew Sullivan Feelings Threat Warning to "Heartache" level?"

"MO This isn't the break we are looking for. We need a former lover, with graphic pictures to move the Arab Street. ... Also it is not all great that Arafat was homosexual. This could very easily lead to a lot of gay bashing, both in the streets of Gaza, and in these forums..." [No shit? --ed]

"Hey, maybe Allah is gay and will welcome him with open arms."

"Hillary better get herself checked."

"Maybe from a toilet seat?"

"Zombie - we are due for more Cana type pics of AIDS suffering palis. Keep your photoshop open."
....and so on and so on. In one stream of comments the resident bigots at LGF manage to spew out almost every prejudice, lie, urban legend and slur associated with HIV/Aids. Well done Charles, you must be so proud.

Source: Instaputz


The Sphinx said...

I wish Chuckles' server would melt down. This is really getting annoying.

The good thing is, we don't need to parody these people or whatever rubbish they spew in every God-damn comment section. They're stupidity does that job pretty well.

And who the f*** came up with this highly inane and pathetically ridiculous idea that Muslim men have sex with goats?

Last time that happened, it was in Sudan, and the guy wasn't even Muslim. His name was Charles FFS, that's everything other than a Muslim's name.

Legalize said...

Just business as usual over at LGF. Chuckles does an excellent job of making sure that the hate is accessbile to his brood of knuckle-dragging trash.

Anonymous said...

An LGFer, GZLives, explains the BBC to anyone who cares to listen:

"The BBC are scum"

Another poster, Justnobody, finds it "curious" that neo-nazis would be "attracted" to the BBC website

" The dude seems to be criticizing Zionism, but he is referring to an ancient Jewish Law book which has nothing to do with Zionism.
I would guess that the guy is not a Muslim, but rather an old-school neo-Nazi. It's curious that the BBC website attracts those types."

Well, The BBC website is open to anyone with internet access so it would actually be MORE curious if Neo-Nazis, anti-semites, racists, White Supremists, Muslim Terror cells, vegan lesbians, child pornographers, line dancers, circus clowns etc, etc etc didn't actually visit the website every now and again.

"The BBC News website regularly tops one billion page impressions per month." - bbc press release, 5/5/2007.

As for fucking animals, a Channel 4 documentary here in the UK showed some American chap who regularly enjoyed intimate encounters with his horses, if I remeber correctly.

I'm guessing bestiality isn't confined to any particular race, religion or region of the world.

Erm, wonder what names the hypocritical shits at LGF would call me if I called, say, Jews "Goat Fuckers".

The Sphinx said...

Anonymous @8:29

Substitute every incident of "Muslim" with "Jew" at LGF-posts and see how long it takes before Chuckles posts about it, and his sad horde of pathetic worshipers flame you like there's no tomorrow.

Stupid-ass hypocrites. It's their kind of hate that actually let the holocaust work.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, Sphinx. Either you can do it, or LGFwatch can.

But, we really can't expect much from people who believe that FGM and honor killings are acts endorsed by the Qur'an rather than shameful tribal practices that only damn Islam to the extent it does nothing to damn it as an affront to Ithe Qur'an...

The Sphinx said...

Anonymous, I'd go lengths to piss off LGF or CJ, but I wouldn't insult Judaism in the process. I was just talking hypothetically.

However come to think of it, it's very gratifying to think that somewhere, there are some arrogant and stupid kids in their basements getting outraged and scared of things of their own imagination. They'll be driving themselves insane soon enough.

Pim's Ghost said...

I do, and encourage others, to directly attack those in the comments sections at LGF who make these statements. When I have the time and can even keep up with all of the bloody comments, I try to directly engage commenters for saying such hateful anti-gay sentiments. At least so that they know that they are not some monolithic group with but one opinion. But then, I'm something of an obnoxious boat rocker, as you all have probably noticed.