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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Charles Johnson, Fashion Fascist

Reader Bill writes:

Not sure why Charles Johnson would believe that there's anything particularly Palestinian about keffiyah headscarves -- they're actually pretty widespread throughout the Arab world.

And you would NEVER find the color pattern Dunst is wearing (dark olive green and black) anywhere but Oman. And they don't call it a keffiyah there -- they prefer the term iqal.


Legalize said...

At least 335 posts ABOUT A SCARF. There is something pathetic going on at LGF.

The Sphinx said...

And the funny thing is, they didn't even get the colour wrong, but even the pattern itself. I have one of those in black and white, and it's NOT the same as the Palestinian version, which is an array of squares with larger dots at each corner.

Besides, let's forget about the fact that they're barking up the wrong tree. So she's wearing that scarf. Big f-ing deal. And yet, the lizard filth has to spew out statements that she herself is horrendously ugly, a terrible actress, or that they would "only go see Spiderman 3 if her character was accidently dropped by Spiderman about 3 stories over Manhattan". Things they most probably wouldn't have said before.

And what's with the swastika comparisons? Even the swastika was (and still is) a Hinduistic symbol of prosperity, far long before the Nazis even existed. And then the sons of bitches came along and completely bastardized its meaning.

The Sphinx said...

Just what the HELL is wrong with these people?

Even got the colour wrong, AGAIN. At least Chuckles got a scolding for that one.

Typically for these people, they've been following their mob-mentality instincts and sending angry emails to the vendor with the same old trash. "Scarf evil! You stupid! Us not buying anything anymore!". I got a blast out of this angry email sent by one disoriented lizard: "The scarf you are selling was originally worn and made popular by Yassir Arafat, a man who practically invented terrorism,..

LMAO! Woman, terrorism has existed since humans have. And I don't think that Arafat was the first human.

However, they continue to whine and bitch about censorship and group pressure which goes against them. Their ignorance and hypocrisy is crippling.

Paul said...

In fact they are also on issue to the British Armed forces

Anonymous said...

I love the way the equate a scarf, che t-shirts and other symbols of things they don't understand to Nazi swastikas!

I mean how dumb can one group of people be? I wonder how many of them own a confedarate battle flag? How about things with the Union Jack plastered on them? 'Old Glory' must have a negative connotations elsewhere in the globe?

I feel sorry for the company who's selling these scarfs. Just imagine the pig ignorant e-mails they're getting.

Legalize said...

"In fact they are also on issue to the British Armed forces."

Not to mention that the scarf was first made a popular item in Western culture by Sir Lawrence of Arabia, who, the last time I checked, was not a Palestinian turrist, an Islamofascisthippycommienazivegan, or anything else *bad* that the Liztards don't understand.

AM said...

Among the many names for this scarf in Arabic is ghutra (for the plain white one), shmagh or keffiya, but "Iqal" refers to that round rope-like thing Arabs usually put on top of it to hold it in place.


Pim's Ghost said...

Anon--plenty of us understand "Che" far too well. As a murdering pig. Please explain to me how he possibly symbolizes anything GOOD? Another post at this blog questions how anyone could be saying that the Nazis weren't "all bad". I ask the same of the Nazis AND Che Guevara the Murderer?

Yes, I know many "idealize" this freak as a "romantic revolutionary" (mainly due to a particularly flattering one wears similar shirts of Fidel). But what else am I missing? Mind, you I get a lot of flak at LGF in the comments for attacking those there who are anti-LGBT, anti-environmentalists, etc. You merely need question them on these issues, and some are hopeless when it comes to ever being able to discuss matters rationally (hey, welcome to the web!).

But seriously, Che the Murderer, what am I missing, other than the fact that mass production of his image for sale by capitalists who have grown rich off of said sales goes against EVERYTHING the man believed in, and probably have him writing in his stinking Bolivian grave?

--Pim's Ionian/Cuban/Scot Ghost

Anonymous said...

Che can be considered (and is - widely) a positive force in Cuba, on account of his central role in ousting a genuinely murderous regime in the shape of Batista's government.

Cuba was a society that warranted revolution - and just as in every other revolution, there needs to be ruthlessness in pursuit of change - see Arafat, Menachem Begin, etc etc.

Dealer said...

PM, there's a big difference between wearing a t-shirt of Che Guevarra (who don't get me wrong was guilty of murder) and wearing one with a swastika. You could argue that any revolutionary leader including the one's who formed the USA (who also have their faces on merchandise) have blood on their hands, that kinda goes with the territory.

If you cant see the difference between that and a regime that slaughtered millions well I must say that you're being deliberately blind.

Now if you'd compared it to wearing a t-shirt with Stalin on it you would've had a point.

PS what's your opinion on keffiya-gate? Are you honest enough to admit it's more whipped up outrage over nothing?

Pim's Ghost said...

Dealer--I've thought of putting Stalin on a shirt to sell with a caption "while we're celebrating mass murderers".

Batista was horrible. But Che insisting on being present for every execution after the prisoners were tortured? I'm sorry, I just know too many refugees who are now old and still shake in anger and fear over Che and his thugs. All that revolution did was replace one bad regime with another that was rather opposite in character.

Why do you think that a good portion of Cubans live in the U.S.? Seriously? You think they ran screaming because Castro made everything nice and pretty there with the help of his murdering friend?

Dealer--I think the matter is funny enough to have pasted a keffiyeh onto Che's head and put it on a t-shirt. People have the strangest heroes to me these days.

Anon--"there needs to be ruthlessness in pursuit of change"; by that logic Israel should wipe the Palistinians out just like Ataturk wisely got rid of his "pesky minorities". Should this be the case? I mean, in 100 years, who's going to care, right?

Dealer said...


Again, If you cant see the difference between that and a regime that slaughtered millions well I must say that you're being deliberately blind. Yes Che was involved with murder and torture, but he was a revolutionary involved in a bloody coup....the difference between him and the fascist regime of Hitler is quite obvious...and to equate the two is frankly bizarre.

As for Keffiya-gate, you didn't really answer the question there, did you? People do have the strangest heroes these days it's true, but is the sale of a scarf really worth the attempt to stop a legitimate company from selling it? Is this the most retarded form of censorship ever? I know the answer and hopefully as an intelligent person so do you.

RRE said...

Dear Sir -- your site is ridiculous. Instead of keeping track of a patriotic website you should be supporting those who fight for your freedoms, or join the fight yourself. Shame on you.

Pim's Ghost said...

Dealer--I must disagree again regarding Che. Even men who worked with him in Cuba interviewed more recently say that he was a bit more into the sadism. The revolution cannot excuse his actions, rather he joined in such events going country to country to spread violence along with his ideals. No, he's no Hitler. But he's plenty comparable to many in the Nazi regime and plenty others, just a sick henchman. I'm not being "deliberately blind", I have known my whole life people scarred forever by what happened in that "revolution". People who supported Fidel at first out of hatred of Batista and then ended up rounded up (their families) by Fidel's men all the same.

Honestly, IMHO people who cannot differentiate what the Castro regime has done to the Cuban people and other hideous dictatorships are being deliberately blinded by the supposed "romance" of the ideals Fidel claims still to cling to. Charming. Meanwhile, the "Cuban Exile Community" in Florida waits, hopes and prays for a chance to finally to return to their homeland once it is free of anyone of Castro's regime.

Re: the scarf, I think that we vote with our dollars in the Capitalist system. Show your disapproval by not buying, and encouraging others not to buy. I wish that this sentiment was aimed at other companies frankly and over issues other than this scarf, but I do understand the alarm of some people in seeing this become a symbolic bit of fashion. I'm not throwing a fit over it all personally, but if I were Jewish and with people in Israel, I'd be angry as hell about it. Just as I am over Che and what he helped do to so many families that I PERSONALLY know.

Either way, mass producing his image and growing rich off of it is the ultimate insult to the ideals of Che, so that is of some comfort.