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Friday, July 20, 2007

Idiots win?

It seems that the LGF scarf jihad has paid some dividends. A legitimate company selling a legitimate product has, it seems, caved into pressure by Charles Johnson and his little band of racist, homophobic, open mouthed morons and pulled an arab styled scarf from their website.

Words can't explain how stupid and sad this is.


Happenstance said...

Bit of advice: I come to LGFWatch so I don't have to go to LGF. If you put up the info for the website, I can write them. If you put up additional info, I could buy a batch of merchandise with the specific purpose of defying the Little Gross F***tards.

Thenk you veddy much.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Someone please point out to Charles that terrists wear blue jeans.

Hopefully we can get the LGF to start a worldwide campaign against the sale of blue jeans and usher in a new era of smart, casual slacks.

Remember kids: Terrists wear blue jeans. If you see anyone in blue jeans, please contact Homeland security immeadiately.

If you come across any company selling or manufacturing blue jeans please send them an email pointing out the clear links between blue jeans and terrism and making it clear you will boycott said company until they have changed their ways.

Remember also kids, we are fighting the war aginst terrism to protect our freedoms so make sure you get as many of your friends as possible to hassle and intimidate anyone who wishes to sell or manufacture blue jeans.

Anonymous said...

"Obscene, abusive, silly, or annoying remarks may be deleted,"

Judging by the quality of the LGFers comments, I'm guessing Charles has a different definition of "Silly" to the rest of the world.

God! I hope those LGFers are just teenage boys with hormonal problems and sugar rushes rather than adults with voting rights and possible access to firearms!

Anonymous said...

"Mad props to me. I sent 'em an email about that awful scarf"

Meanwhile, back in the real world:

"The Federal Emergency Management Agency since early 2006 has suppressed warnings from its own field workers about health problems experienced by hurricane victims living in government-provided trailers with levels of a toxic chemical 75 times the recommended maximum for U.S. workers, congressional lawmakers said yesterday."

Good to see that the LGF crew have got their priorities right when it comes to political activism.

The Sphinx said...

Who was it again who was bitching and throwing a tantrum because of mob mentalities and caving in to group pressure?

Was it possibly these same people? Impossible! How could the lizards ever stoop down to that level?

Oh wait..

Legalize said...

Terrorists never wear black jeans, which means anyone wearing black jeans is likely a supporter of terrorists - that's how diabolical they are!!

I wonder if all of those stupid Hollyweird actors know that when they are wearing black jeans they are actually suporting teh Islamonazicommiehippyliberalveganenvironmentalfascists. Probably not. You'd have to be an enlightened, bed-wetting Liztard to understand such important matters.


Anonymous said...

In other words, things like personal choice and good assortments are bad if Johnson and his fellow plebeians don't find it "usual"

Anonymous said...

Black Jeans?

That's political correctness gone mad.