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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Charles and the Left

Charlie J has a peculiar relationship with the Left.

On the one hand he'll use whatever conjecture and hearsay comes his way to blame the Left for violent crimes even when there is no hard evidence yet the perpetrator had a leftist conviction.

On the other hand he goes to great lengths to sweep the real left-wing background of others under the carpet. You know, sometimes it's inconvenient to disclose to the lizards who is actually standing up for freedom, rather than manically punching lies into a keyboard...


Anonymous said...

Muslims - some- get upset by "insults" of the Prophet. To LGFers and right wingers in general this is "proof" they ain't like the rest of us.

What makes me laugh is that right-wing Americans get insulted and pissed off about "insults" when it suits them.

I reckon that if I burned the US flag while taking part in a Gay Pride parade I'd get my fair share of deaththreats from Americans.

Someone felt insulted - and took action - when black students sat under the wrong tree:

Understanding why Muslims get insulted by "attacks" on the prophet helps us to build bridges.

I see the LGFers are still fantasising about putting pigs and bacon in Mosques.

I can only assume most LGErs are teens, taking a break from their Xbox games. Certainly, none of the adults I know would bother going online to chuckle at the idea of using pigs/bacon to offend Muslims.

Why spray swastikas on a Synagogue and then be suprised when Jews feel insulted and angry and threatened?

Would any Americans feel insulted and angry if I travelled to the US and sprayed anti-christian graffiti on the Vietnam war memorial?I'm pretty sure some would.

Legalize said...

Yes, anon, but reasonableness does not factor into the "thinking" of the LGFers. They don't have the time to delve into positions involving more than 8 words, because, after all, they're busy defending America by blogging!

Presenting the common sense argument you make here will have absolutely zero effect on them; all you will receive is the dreaded "moral equivalency" nonsense they sputter out, followed by accusations of your hating America for comparing God's chosen people to evil terrorists and Jooooooo-haters, and blah blah blah blah.

In short, we can not expect scared children to behave rationally, and it seems that they are only getting more and more irrational as time goes by. Sadly, pointing and laughing is really all that can be done with the Liztards at this point.

Anonymous said...

us Vs the Muslims?

It's about freedom of speech, innit?

Anonymous said...

anon #1: that Jena story is seriously depressing.