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Monday, July 16, 2007


How to spot an extremist? Well, one way is to look out for those people who respond to cartoons they don't like with calls for violence.

Witness the lizards at LGF after Charles posted a Ted Rall cartoon:


"You know, they used to hang assholes at Nuremberg for doing stuff like this."


"Anyone who whips his ass will be a hero. I’d be glad to post the video"


"That post applies to 99.99% of the liberal males I know. The day somebody cuts loose on these clowns and beats the living hell out of a couple of them for their big mouths, you won't hear a peep for awhile from the left - 'cept the Rosie types."


"60 years ago Ted Rall would be charged with treason and be sitting in a tent in the 120 degree heat of Arizona right now. One more reason they were the "Greatest Generation". Our generation is weak and we deserve what we are getting."


"I'm not defending Ted Rall by any stretch of the imagination, but something has gone very wrong with this guy's head.
I would like to ask him that question as I'm kicking his ass."



Legalize said...

But I thought only Islamohippies got their panties in a bind over cartoons, to the extent that they openly call for violence.


p.s. Something I learned from the Liztards: When you add the "*spit*" thing at the end of your post, it makes you more manly and rugged.

Another thing I learned from the Liztards: If you put an exclamation point at the end of your post, it automatically makes that post more valid!

Anonymous said...

I see the dumb as fuck myth of the "greatest generation" rears it's head again.

Meanwhile another example of shocking barbarism

(Did Charles cover this story?)

Anonymous said...

Here is another way to spot an extremist. This just makes me feel absolutely ill. So the Nazis were humane in some small way in their manner of committing genocide?:

"re: #144 mikeysdca

re: #134 rhythman

Have you ever considered that what is really at issue not him but us?
How we treat our enemies shows the kind of people we are. Are we Nazis?
You know, the Nazis did do some things very effectively. Go read the stories of surviving victims I posted and tell me there isn't a certain justice to this. A suicide bonber is in a lot of ways worse than a Nazi because at least teh nazis tried to make the march inot the ovens orderly and mercifullu swift. Tell me one thing about a suicide bombing that is orderly, or mercifully swift.

I think suicide bombing is even worse than what the Nazis did. It is the grossiest crime against humanity, abiut as depraved as one can get. if there is a ehll they will all be burning in it."

The Sphinx said...

WHOA!! Comparing them to the Nazis was bad enough, but bloody PRAISING THEM for the way they committed murder?!

I've been here long enough, and I've been wading through the filth of Little Green F***heads for enough time already, but FFS, this even broke the LGF's laws of being retarded on purpose!

Anonymous said...

I refuse to go back and read the rest of the comments on that thread (I got to about 280, I think it was), and no one had spoken ill of that gentleman's comment.

Yeah, I think if a "moonbat" had said that, Chaz would be calling in virtual airstrikes.

Anonymous said...

LOL legalize

It's the "Dreaded Cartoons of Blasphemy" I believe.

Anonymous said...

So, we must scrutinize everything muslism say unitl we can incriminate them, but rightists are allowed to say they will use force against those that use freedom of speech?