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Monday, July 30, 2007

It Just Cracks Charles Up!

Pamela Geller shows her three daughters how to give a Gold Star Mother, whose politics she disagrees with, The Finger.

Charles just loves it! Fresh meat for the Lizards!

UPDATE: From Pamela Geller's site:

It was wonderful working with you today!
I hope you enjoyed yourself half as much as we did! By now Cindy should know that the Gathering of Eagles will be there Anytime, Anywhere, under Any conditions to confront her seditious lies. They can run but they can't hide.

Thanks for displaying how we really feel!

New York Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles


Pim's Ghost said...

Oh, come on, if that were someone doing that to Rush or someone like that (and no, not Geddy Lee &, there'd be laughs galore here and from me as well! You've got to admit, that is pretty funny.

I'm against the Iraq War as well as being a heavy critic of Bush and no fan of his Admin., but Sheehan is just that annoying.

The Sphinx said...

Doesn't seem to dawn to anybody over at that loony bin how much suffering this woman has gone through. I'll give you an example:

I'm living here all alone in Germany, away from my family, and when I broke my right arm after a bike accident, my Mother couldn't sleep well for weeks and was constantly worried to bits about me, even though I was alive and well and assured her every other day on the phone that I was fine and that there is nothing to worry about.

NOW imagine what it has to be for a mother whose son gets killed because of an illegal war, where she won't be seeing him again and can't get any re-assuring calls saying that "There's nothing to worry about" and SHOW SOME SENSITIVITY, FOR F*CK'S SAKE!!

God.. Freaking RETARDS..

Dealer said...

"Oh, come on, if that were someone doing that to Rush or someone like that (and no, not Geddy Lee &, there'd be laughs galore here and from me as well! You've got to admit, that is pretty funny."

Nope, I'd think it was childish. I'd expect it of college students and dismiss it as pointless and idiotic. That a 40 something adult does it to a Gold Star Mother who's only crime is disagreeing with the aforementioned 'adult' makes it even more childish, idiotic and ultimately sad.

So on the whole funny thing I have to say it ain't.

Bonus points for mentioning Canada's finest pomp rocker Rush though.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that's the finger she used to massage John Bolton's prostrate?

Anonymous said...

I've just been banned from the Sean Hannity forums. One of my posts was about America having some of the smartest people on the planet...and also utter fuck wits and weird/paranoid/lying/bigoted Right Wing talk show hosts/DJs, bloggers, Christian fundies and pundits who lie, spin and spread misinformation and bile and yet remain incredibly popular with their retarded audience.

Giving the finger to a mom who lost her son in Iraq? Fucking disgraceful.Grow up, woman.

Anonymous said...

I've just read the comments to that pic on her blog.

"Pam, I wondered what had become of that post-menopausal media whore, Sheehan. Hope you took a good long shower after you got home to wash the stench off."
etc etc.

My comments on The Sean Hannity forums about America having a huge number of retarded,bigoted,war mongering, anti-intellectual morons with predictable and irrational Pavlovian responses to stimuli stands vindicated!

Anonymous said...


You are my new hero! :)

I love that photo of you and Cindy-Monster!!!

My boyfriend is currently in Iraq so it's always nice to see the support on the homefront! (*And you duped the moonbats! You even duped Mama Bat twice! How smart are they?!*)

I admire your work!
Thanks!! :)"

Gee honey, what exactly do you think Pam will say about you should you start "whinging" when your boyfriend comes home in body bags and none of the "support our troops" politicians and pundits and Republican college students are there to help you pick up the pieces of your shattered life?

As for how smart the "moonbats" are? Well they ain't fuckin' killing and dying in Iraq for a start so I guess that makes most of them a damn sight fuckin' smarter than the US military.

And how, exactly, is taking photos of yourself giving the finger to some ordinary American woman "support" for the troops in Iraq?

Thousands and thousands of troops in Iraq agree with Sheehan and can't wait to get the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

Looking at those pictures, it really is a sad and pathetic attempt to get publicity.

It makes Paris Hilton look dignified.

Making funny faces in photos behind people backs is what you do when you're 7.

She's obviously never quite gotten over the fact that she wasn't quite pretty enough to pursue a career as an actress, celeb or porn star.

She didn't even have the Michael Moore style balls to go for direct confrontation.

Somehow, I can't see Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein acting like this.

As for the nauseating blurb at the top of her blog "Changing the world one word at a time..)"
What an embarrassment to her college professors she must be.

Pim's Ghost said...

dealer--aww, come on, you'd think childish but you wouldn't be able to stifle the giggles. What if Colbert had done it? Or a blogger to Pat Robertson or something? We'd all be laughing just as long as a Rush drum solo. Admit it. I'm just saying, funny's funny. I really just had to laugh until I cried when I saw the "Santa Pope" pics, and I'm a Catholic, but darnit, he looked like some weird kind of thing out of Tolkien in those shots! Wasn't trying to bash the Pope, but hey, he looked too absurd. Couldn't not laugh. This was like getting that sign on film in a big sports game or something. OK, you got me, I don't know sports metaphors.

I do admit that using the title "a Gold Star Mother" as if it's a free pass is a bit odd though. I saw her speech in Berkeley on BookTV (CSPAN2), and Mrs. Sheehan was hardly the most mature speaker I've heard, her hits all below the belt in most of her speeches.

Regardless, I do a great Geddy Lee impression and my blog partner keeps trying to talk people into a parody a capella version of YYZ, so we may have at least that in

Anonymous said...

Some people DO have the courage to confront and engage, instead of just sneakily giving the finger.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this blog is read by the more moderate end of the American political spectrum so could I ask them all to read this, and pass on the link to others.

It's kind of important!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, if that were someone doing that to Rush or someone like that (and no, not Geddy Lee &, there'd be laughs galore here and from me as well! You've got to admit, that is pretty funny.

When Mike Stark posted a photo of himself with Michelle Malkin a few months ago, the crowd at LGF was accusing him of being a "stalker". And he wasn't even giving her the finger.


But if I were Cindy Sheehan I'd post that photo all over the place with a caption that reads something like.

"This is what the typical neocon thinks of a parent who actually sends her kids to Iraq. Still want your son to enlist?"

Anonymous said...

What if Colbert had done it? Or a blogger to Pat Robertson or something? We'd all be laughing just as long as a Rush drum solo.

Well we'll never know because zionists, neocons, and Christian fundis don't send their kids to Iraq, do they?

Hey. Maybe Pam can do the same think to Pat Tillman's mother next week. Then the week after that she can hit up Kristin Breitweiser.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

"Thanks for displaying how we really feel!" slithering up to her, begging for a picture, slyly giving her the finger, then slinking off, giggling.

Pammy lacks the guts to say something to a person's face--but she thinks this sort of childish crap is Teh Mark Of Teh Culture Warriar.

Thanks for displaying how gutless the lot of you are, Pammy and Chucky.

arik's hamster said...

After the LGF meetup in San Francisco a few years back, there was a raging debate amongst the male attendees as to who got the furthest with the drunken Pamela.

Seems she flew all the way to California (sans family natch) to meet (and lovingly greet) her hero Charles Johnson.

With Chaz an eventual no show, a heartbroken and besotted Pamela then began working her way down the lizard pecking order (with Iron Fist being rockbottom).

When the dust finally cleared the next morn, the minions compared notes and two (two!) claimed the honor of having felt Pamela up.

Here's to Pamela Geller Oshry...A Real Class Act!

Pim's Ghost said...

Anon--well yeah, LGF didn't like a photo with Malkin, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't crack me or you up. Heck, I'd follow her around doing that lame cheerleading routine she did on one of her videos just to annoy her.

Sheehan's family has already said she doesn't speak for them. I have no doubt that she has gone through great grief, but she does make statements against America as a whole and not just the War or Bush. If she kept it at just Bush and Iraq, I wouldn't mind her. But what do her anti-American statements (regarding our HISTORY) have to do with her son, Casey?

Anon--just plead your case and get reinstated at Hannity. They kick EVERYONE off there. But they also let just about everyone back in.

But so what? Why didn't she protest her son's Boot Camp? She was an activist before he even joined up. If her activism were limited to her son's death and even to just the War, I'd feel bad picking on her. But she has insulted far too many others and other aspects of this country which have little to do with the GOP. I have nothing but sympathy for her losing her son, I really do. That is no lie. But I feel that way about all who have lost relatives in the war, on either side. Still, if one starts saying things I don't agree with, I don't think they should get a free pass just because they lost someone. My Dad died. Am I also immune due to my grief? Didn't think so.

As for the fundies, I'm in battle enough offline with some, and my hardest blows are hitting them at the moment. Apparently they think that my skin color could rub off on them or something..."dirty Mexican" my ass...oh yeah, they're moving. But in between real fights with these racist fundies, please keep letting me stick around. I think that the discussions here are frequently very productive and civil.

Anonymous said...

I wonder just what is so particularly wrong about Sheehan. I dislike many on the left for trying to turn the Iraq War into a spring board where they can show just how grand they are, but Sheehan is just tencaious and honest. It's not her fault that some turn her into a symbol, rather than an individual.

wcw said...

Today we learn that though Bill O'Reilly is a far right, lying loon, to LGF he is a voice of appeasement!

LGF = righter, nuttier, more dishonest that O'Reilly. Good job!

Legalize said...

Classic wingnut behavior: they have neither the courage of their convictions, nor the honesty to actually FIGHT in the war they bark in favor of, but they have the courage to slink up to a woman who lost her son in THEIR WAR and give her the finger.

This is what wingnuts think of mothers who lose sons in their war; Sheehan, Mrs. Tillman, and every other mother are mere jokes and conveniences to them. They invoke their sons' names whenever possible in order to justify their hate and impotence, but once those boys are dead, they hold nothing but petulant contempt for their sacrifices.

It's almost as if their hypocricy and cowardice are staring back at them when they see the mother of a dead soldier - their only reaction is to behave like the spolied brats that they are. They are junior high kids, at best.

Pim's Ghost said...

Anon.--I tried to sympathize with Sheehan, I really did. I certainly sympathize with her as a Mom losing a child. That is an unbearable thing. But then I listened to her speeches and heard her discuss how her activism dated to before her son ever joined, to before Bush was elected, everything. That's fine and all, I admire political activism (duh) and speaking one's mind. Her family, however, claims that she did use Casey's death as a springboard to get a larger platform. I can't say I blame her, honestly, but her statements have gone far beyond the War (which I disagree with as well), and far beyond the Bush Admin. (I'm already advocating a new "Tea Party"). I'm really the sort you'd expect to be on Sheehan's side here, but boy, do I hate the smell of opportunism in the morning.

(disclaimer--yes, I'm also friends with Pamela Geller)

Anonymous said...

(disclaimer--yes, I'm also friends with Pamela Geller)

This is the woman who gets shit faced drunk and forces her daughter to go with her on her videoblogs.

Now that's "opportunism" of the most disgusting (and comical) sort. You'd think after being humilated by James Wolcott for the 100000th time she'd give it up. But whatever. If she's got a problem with alcholism that's her issue.

But she shouldn't humiliate her kid in the process.

Dan Coyle said...

Wait- Geller has FRIENDS? She comes off as so unpleasant and full of rage on those vlogs I have a hard time believing this.

jdkao said...

If someone had done the same to Rush, I'd think it was childish, but I'd also think Rush deserves it for being a gigantic mound of hateful blubber, whereas Cindy doesn't for having a dead son.