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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Inhofe Springs A Woody

Taking a break from the fever swamp ruled by Dead End Charlie, we happened on this today:

CSPAN-2 @ 8:18AM

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma

"...and these joint security stations, where our troops, instead of coming back to the Green Zone, will stay over there, and bed down with the Iraqi security forces, and develop intimate relations with them, and learn to love each other...."

We had to rewind the DVR a couple of times to make sure he said this. We're not sure most Americans want our brave men and women bedding down with the Iraqi security forces. Hopefully, some "journalist" will ask him to explain.


Anonymous said...


Legalize said...

With wingnuts around, I'm surprised John Stewart needs writers. You can just line up quote after quote from notable loonies like Inhofe, and BAM, you can easily fill 30 minutes.

Shell said...

Some speechwriter on his way out the door, I'd say. The temptation would surely be strong...

**Somebody** sure was thinking this was witty & amusing - and I can't imagine it bein Inhofe.