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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where calling for murder is acceptable

Charles Johnson is outraged that someone has been forced to pay £150 quid for hanging up an "Anti-Extremist Banner" (Johnson's words).

What was on the banner? The slogan "Kill all Muslims who threaten us and our way of life. Enoch Powell was right."

Only on LGF can that kind of thing be described as "anti-extremist".

You see, this is the site which regularly hosts such insightful, anti-extremist comments as


I dare ya.

The prosecutor and magistrate have shown themselves to be enemy agents. Publish their names, and have the "street" f*** them up.

There is a war coming and it will not be pretty. It will have to end the same way WWII ended - with an ideology burned to the ground and salt sown into the earth where it took root.

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MJ said...

A couple more comments from that thread...

I used to admire the Brits...Winston Churchill, Inspector Morse. Now they're just pathetic. The Few have become the nothing. It's sad.

Not as sad as listing Inspector Morse as a Briton to admire. He's a fictional character. Who next? Sherlock Holmes?

Just finished reading Michelle Phillips' chilling "Londonistan." This isn't surprising in the least.

You'd have thought if someone had read her book, getting her first name right would be easy....

The Brits should take a lesson from South Africa, as we should.

Yep, apartheid was such a success. Perhaps Israel should try it too...but don't mention that on LGF....

These people really are scum