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Monday, October 02, 2006

LGF Annan hit-job boomerangs

For whatever reasons, Charles Johnson hates Kofi Annan. Maybe it's because he regards Annan as criminally incompetent; maybe it's because he heads the evil United Nations; or maybe it's because Annan is a black man who has the gall to criticise America.

Whatever. We're not here to defend Kofi, who _ even taking into account the fact that he heads an organization limited by the willingness of its member states to act _ has made some big mistakes during his tenure.

But it is telling, isn't it, that Johnson uses classic anti-imperialist arguments to accuse Annan of having 'blood on his hands', while blithely ignoring the fact that his own much-loved president and country is guilty of much the same.

Take just one obvious example: starting an illegal war which by even the most conservative estimates has left 43,000 civilians dead so far. Does that not count as blood on Bush's hands? Apparently not. Maybe Muslim blood doesn't count where Charles Johnson is coming from....

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oliver_twist_at_google said...

Thank you for bringing the "blood on the hands of the American authorities" - it goes way back to Henry Kissinger with the Vietnam war. I wish the newspapers in the US would put this information on their front page and make the population understand that there is a HUGE backlash against them in parts the world DUE to the actions of their elected representatives. I am in no way condoning violence. We need to understand that there is no smoke without fire.

Thank you for standing up against the likes of LGF.