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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


On the outrage about chickenhawk GOPers stalking congressional pages, Charles's eminence grise, Victor Davis Hanson brays:

" the [Foley] nuttiness because most Americans below 30 are now so poorly educated that they don'’t know, or care to know, the difference between Pyongyang and poontang?"
Nice of Hanson to refer to the child stalkees as "poontang", an ugly pejorative, to say the least. Ol' Victor is not one to let a little decency stand in the way of some snappy alliteration (or an idiotic point). To VDH, the burgeoning foleygate multi-year coverup is a "non-story". Because, uh, he says so. Hanson segues to bash Bob Woodward and "State Of Denial" ("undocumented sourcing"), eliciting this priceless comment from a reader, surely on the cutting-edge of foaming wingnuttery:
Dr. Hanson,

You have put your finger on perhaps our single greatest constitutional problem we face in this nation....the first amendment protection that is the freedom of the Press. As the left in this country constantly hammer the supposed civil-rights violations of the Bush administration, we have a media in an ethic free-fall and a desparate need to affect public policy. The media still claim to be our, the peoples, watch-dog. But, are they "our" dog or someone elses? What good is a watch-dog if that dog belongs to another master? In this case, the master is a political philosophy, a political religion..liberalism. (ETC ETC).

These people desire nothing less than the destruction of every part of the constitution. This is the discourse hosted by Charles Johnson and Roger L Simon on Pajamas Media, the mysteriously financed wurlitzer component.

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Anonymous said...

You are right, he is a creepy bugger, along with all the rest of them who try to defend this, it is really quite sickening.

I love your quotation of the comment on Creepy's article, when you look round the right wing websites a lot of the responces are like this, goining on and on about bugger all. It reminds me of when I was a student and the Communist and Marxist groups always spoke like this, like they were trying to bore you into submission.