Little Green Footballs

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Different lands, different mores

Wow, Charles Johnson really is pulling out all the stops tonight to show us how evil Islam is. This time it's a harrowing tale of an couple who were detained by immigration police for no reason, thrown into separate cells and interrogated about possible involvement in terrorist activities they had nothing to do with. They wrongly believe they were entitled to the same treatment as the local population but in actual fact there's now one law for white locals, one law for non-white locals, and quite another for non-white foreigners.

Oooops, wrong story. The above describes a daily occurance somewhere in George W. Bush's Brave New America. What Charles was complaining about was an ex-cop and his wife trying to buy a second home in a third world country getting a taste of how things are done over there. No arrest, no beatings, no extraordinary rendition, no offshore confinement, no torture. Just two humiliated Americans. Awwww diddums. Let's invade Malaysia!

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