Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Charles Johnson Appoints Rush Limbaugh "Honorary Lizardoid". Within Hours, Rush Proves Him Right.


Nuclear Cop said...

Next on Wingnut Reality: Lebanese exaggerate effects of white phosphorous. Stay tuned!

Shan said...


Anyone notice this?

LGF headline:
"Islamofascists Fear the Football"

Clicking through to the site in question, one finds this in the banner:
"Born and raised in Jerusalem, I am a Christian American-Palestinian physician..."

I mean, I don't think they're trying anymore.

Nuclear Cop said...

Shan man, you just don't get it. Dude said he's PALESTINIAN! What part of Islamofascist don't you understand?!

This new version of Firefox has been tampered with by libruls. It underlines 'islamofascist' as a misspelled word. Time to add Firefox to the growing list of goods and services boycotted by LGF...