Little Green Footballs

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Do your research, Johnson!

Oh boy, does Charles Johnson even read the stuff his minions send him before he posts vitriolic nonsense on LGF?

Today the ageing Californian crypto-racist is 'repelled' by a "Muslim women" who responds "to criticism of the misogyny of radical Islam by denying there’s any repression".

Wrong target. The person CJ attacks is chick-lit author India Knight who is probably as Muslim as the Pope is a Nazi, meaning there is a tenuous connection a long way back but actions since pretty much sever the link. What's more, to take anything Ms Knight writes seriously is a pretty good indication that you can't be taken seriously yourself, because she has little grasp of logic in any medium, be it books or newspapers.

But of course it suits Charles Johnson to take her fluff column as another example of what those evil Muslims think...

Meanwhile, Johnson blithely ignores Muslims who express opinions that might challenge his view of them, such as Saira Khan who wrote in The Times a week ago why Muslim women should thank Straw.