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Friday, May 12, 2006

Return of the blackshirts

Who said this?

The national identity of Britain is based on a particular culture, history, language, religion, law, customs and values. It cannot still remain recognisably itself if it makes itself home to large numbers of people who cannot or do not wish to assimilate into that identity. That's not racism. It's national survival.
Was it...

(a) Oswald Mosely

(b) Nick Griffin

(c) Enoch Powell


(d) Little Green Footballs/Pajamas Media favourite Melanie Phillips

Of course it was the delightful Melanie Phillips who seems to have forgotten she doesn't exactly tick all the white, Anglo-Saxon Christian British national identity boxes herself. When is her membership to the BNP being given the stamp of approval? Surely the extreme right would love to have somebody so ideologically similar in their midst especially after their increase in votes at the recent local elections.

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dawud al-gharib said...

I would wonder about the irony if it wasn't much closer to bone-crushingly pitiful... I remember sitting in a muslim-jewish dialogue while listening to apologists for the jewish religious right tried to advocate for the 'morality of europe' - after which I had to ask which century we had been born in and just lived through?

more articulate than me: a Ha'aretz article of interest - the 10 lies we tell ourselves, Israelis and Palestinians.