Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pajamaline Pammy Video Vixen

Watching Pammy's new video blog is just like being with her. She never shuts up and nothing she says makes any sense at all. Previously, Pammy has described how "liberals" flee her at weenie parties when she starts banging on, here she shows her technique.


X said...

This is hilarious. The essence of her message:

- The UN "must be destroyed"

- George Bush is going to "save the world"

- Oriana Fallaci is the world's greatest writer

Comedy gold.

Meno said...

Hilarious not.

Rather painful. Like watching Rosanne Rosanna Danna, only without the punchlines.

After her Bush "save the world" schtick, I was half-expecting someone to walk on and point out the errors in her outrageous position, and then she would say in perfect Gilda Radner style: "Oh. Never mind."