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Saturday, May 27, 2006

LGF: Far-right sympathizers

News of a knife attack in Berlin has the lizards in a frenzy: is it another 'immigrant' 'youth' on the rampage? Will people finally wake up to what the Religion of Peace(tm) is all about (i.e. killing Christian babies)? And why are the liberal-lefty MSM trying to cover up the fact that the attacker is non-white, while at the same time implying that it's normally neo-Nazis who carry out these attacks? it turns out, the attack, which thankfully didn't result in any fatalities, was carried out by a drunken 16-year old 'with no immigrant background' (as the German police put it). Cue frustration and anguish from the lizards. Let's review what Charles's minions had to say about the attack and the attacker, soon after the story first broke.

#1 sheik yaabooboo 5/26/2006 06:59PM PDT


The sheik's first impulse is naturally that the attack was carried out by a Muslim. Wonder where he gets that idea from? The clue lies in the fact that Charles Johnson doesn't tend to post about random knife attacks unless there is a Muslim angle. The lizards have been primed to expect Muslims to be involved when Charles posts about crime: this is the way LGF works.

#12 davic 5/26/2006 07:08PM PDT

I guess the reporters have to play 21 questions to find out about the assailant but were not allowed to ask whether he was RoP, e.g., was he an immigrant, did he have a far right background, etc. I wonder if they identified him correctly after 21 questions.

Charming, Davic. Of course, as a lizard minion, there's always only one question for you, and the answer is predetermined: was it a moooslim? Shame it didn't work out for you this time.

#21 BabbaZee 5/26/2006 07:16PM PDT

The attacker was identified as a 17-year old German man from Neukoelln, a southern Berlin district with a large immigrant population. Police said he did not have a far-right background.

1) A southern berlin district with a large immigrant population



Well, actually it doesn't, BabbaZee. It means there are likely to be people of Russian, Turkish, Lebanese, North African, Vietnamese, Ukrainian and Greek origin living there. Only an LGF regular would automatically associate 'immigrant' with a particular religion.

#32 Killian Bundy 5/26/2006 07:26PM PDT


/now, which ethnic/religion combination is most closely associated with knife attacks?

Indeed. And which ethnic/religion combination is most closely associated with dropping nuclear bombs on civilians? Don't think about it too hard, Killian, your brain might melt.

#46 Dar ul Harb 5/26/2006 07:38PM PDT

Was the suspect dragged away screaming "Allahu akbar" by any chance?

No. The suspect was dragged away drunk as a skunk. Hint, hint...

#57 mich-again 5/26/2006 07:49PM PDT

Making the effort to point out the attacker did not have a far-right background is code for saying he was an enemy of someone with a far-right background. And if the story I linked to in 10 is genuine, than it points to the perp being a muslim immigrant.

The above really is lizard logic at its best...

But most striking about the majority of the comments is the fact that the Charles's minions take such umbrage at the fact that the attackers is only described as not having 'a far-right background'. The reason the lizards are so incensed about this is clear: they want to see a Muslim blamed, and hate the implication that it could have been a neo-Nazi. You see, a neo-Nazi attack would just be too close to the bone; it would undermine the lizard cause; hey, some of Charlie's best friends are neo-Nazis (though they haven't come out of the closet yet...).

Need proof? Take a look at one last comment:

#54 ted 5/26/2006 07:46PM PDT


so the MSM demonizes the exact group of people who recognize the threat from the islamofacists and focuses on every incident these supposed "Neo-nazi" far right extremists do including littering and peeing in the street...

Case closed.

Meanwhile, in Moscow...don't expect Charles Johnson to get excited about this story.


Hulburdin said...

Funny: now that it it obvious that it was "just" a drunken young German, the thread on LGF suddenly died ...

A.Q. said...

Just remember, anyone advertising on Pajamas Media is specifically endorsing this kind of trash.

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