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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Charles goes over the top - again

Reader JB sent us an interesting email on Charlie J's recent post about an Indian politican who has made some rather crass comments about the Danish cartoonists.

Charles wrote:

The leader of an Indian Religion of Peace™ political organization has offered “half his properties” to anyone who hacks off the head of a Danish cartoonist: Verma backs bounty for Danish cartoonist.

JB notes the following:

There are major issues with the notion that a "leader" of a "Religion of Peace™ political organization" was behind this.

-Verma doesn't seem to be a leader of his party, just one of hundreds
of MPs in the lower house.

-As far as I can tell the Samajwadi Party is predominantly Hindu. Its
politics are socialist; I find nothing to suggest a bent toward Muslim
dogma (e.g. advocating Sharia). Wiki says the party finds support in
the "OBC's (Other Backward Castes) and Muslims, particulary [the] Yadav
caste" again suggesting a Muslim minority.

Verma's Kaiserganj constituency is only 23% Muslim.

Verma himself is of the Kurmi caste, though he seems to need the Muslim
vote to keep his seat, which has been hotly contested in recent years.

My admittedly cursory read on this is that Verma is a very minor Hindu
politician barely hanging on to a diverse constituency. He made an
outrageous statement to enjoy the publicity and the appearance of
support for the Muslim minority within his little district.

In sum, an MP belonging to a Hindu party appears responsible for this
latest outrage. At best, Johnson jumped to a conclusion.

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