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Sunday, May 21, 2006

LGF: Women and children count for nothing

Charming Charlie Johnson puts his big flat foot in it again, this time with a post celebrating the assassination of another member of Islamic Jihad in Gaza by the Israeli Air Force. Under a picture of people recovering the remains of the militant from his burnt out car, Charles hoots:

Car swarm! It’s fun for the whole family! (Except the women, of course.)
Indeed. Except the women. Especially the women travelling in the car behind the militant. As YNet notes, but CJ characteristically omits to tell his readers:
On Saturday the IAF carried out the targeted assassination of Muhammad Dahdouh, a senior leader of the Islamic Jihad’s armed wing who is considered one of the experts in manufacturing al-Quds rockets. In the explosion, three other civilians were killed: a four-year old boy, his mother Hanan Aman and grandmother Naima Aman. A number of other civilians were also wounded, including the boy’s sister.

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Richard said...

I've written a post about these heinous collateral murders with some terrifying/maddening photos I dug up.