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Friday, September 03, 2004

The War on Terror will never end

"On Monday this week, President Bush had a moment of clarity. He was speaking on NBC television, replying to the simple question, 'Can America win the War on Terror?' 'No,' he said, his eyes drifting away from the autocue, momentarily losing their glaze. 'Of course it fucking can't," he said. "Are you insane? Do you understand nothing? The whole point of the War on Terror is that it never *ever* ends. We made a big mistake with the Cold War, but with the fall of Communism we realised that our next boogie-man would have to be as vague as it was terrifying, as universally-applicable as it was specific-seeming. We knew we'd have to declare war on something which was endlessly renewable, and something with which we could easily tie in all of our other bigotries. We chose Terror. We're really rather clever you know. In a slightly Satanic way. And no, the War on Terror will never *ever* end...'"
From The Friday Project

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