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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bush = Hitler, Left = Fascists

Charles Johnson really doesn't like it when people compare his favourite president with Adolf Hitler, or Karl Rover with Hermann Goering. Images like the one below are regularly held up by CJ as an example of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of "the Left", and some might argue he has a point: what, after all, is to be gained from putting Bush and Hitler on one level?

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How nice, then, that our friend Charles isn't averse to drawing the odd questionable comparison himself. Witness one of his latest posts, in which he describes the murky forces he suspects were behind the CBS memo as "the farthest of the far left, the new fascists" ( Charles at his hypocritical best...

UPDATE: We wonder what Charles will have to say about this Frontpage Magazine article, which ends with the lines:

"[] reminds me of another gang that thought its rule would last 1,000 years. As they helped destroy synagogues on Kristallnacht, Adolf’s Adolescent Auxiliary sang: 'We are joyous Hitler Youth. We have no need of Christian virtue. Our leader is our savior. The pope and rabbi shall be gone. We shall be pagans again.' Or, at the very least, Democrats."
So, Hitler youth = pagans = atheists = Democrats? That's quite a line of stupid comparisons. But you'd expect that from a right-wingnut publication like Frontpage, wouldn't you?

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