Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

LGF is non-partisan: honest!

Charlie has "a small correction for the record" regarding an article in the NY Post which describes him as "a California jazz musician and Web site designer who has never voted Republican". Charles would like to set the record straight by noting that "I voted Republican for the first time in 2003, for Arnold Schwarzenegger" ( Fair enough, the Charlie-puss always pounces when mainstream media get their facts wrong.

Strange though that Charles doesn't quibble the argument that his bohemian taste in music and non-Republican voting history somehow inoculate him from being described as a "partisan operative". One would have thought that the person behind a website which runs item after item glorifying the Great Leader (Bush) and demonising the Great Satan (Kerry) would have welcomed the label 'partisan'...

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