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Sunday, September 05, 2004

LGF: seeing what it wants to see

Charles Johnson posted an item the other day about Saddam Hussein having come "'within a whisker' of purchasing a complete, off-the-shelf nuclear device from Abdul Qadeer Khan’s Islamic nuclear black market." (, a 'fact' uncovered by a recent BBC radio series on the proliferation of ABC weapons. What Charles conveniently ignores is another episode in that series. I wonder why...

"Allan Urry also examines USA's rush to carry out research designed to protect the West against the attack by a dirty bomb.

Since it was discovered that Al-Qaeda has been trying to acquire biological weapons, the USA has poured billions of dollars into what it terms "bio-defence". finding a way to protect communities from the devastation of an anthrax or smallpox attack by terrorists.

But the BBC revelas a disturbing catalogue of blunders and security lapses by the US authorities.

some deadly pathogens used in the laboratories are being flown around the world by in the jacket pockets of scientists travelling through international airports; others are simply missing from the laboratories.

The programme also hears that US' vast spending on bio-defence is hiding secret military research, banned under international treaties.

Critics say that this is pushing the world closer to a biological arms race."
Listen to this episode here

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