Little Green Footballs

Friday, September 17, 2004

A reader writes

"...there is an interesting item on LGF "European press ignoring CBS document forgery story", or something to that effect ( Strange, Charles is suddenly interested in the Euro-press, the same one he asked "Who the f*ck cares!?" when some poll was published showing Bush is very unpopular compared to John Kerry throughout the world. I suppose this is similar to his referring to Reuters as either Reuters or Al Reuters, depending on whether the story is useful to him personally or not.

I am continually amazed at the content of that site. Amazing that there are so many hateful people... I have posted little bits of fact here and there, and been angrily shouted down with insults and profanity. They don't like truth at LGF - especially when linked to the real stories...

After a brief, strange obsession with fonts and type, Charles is getting back to what he does best: fan the flames of hatred.

Although sometimes horrifying and upsetting, I think it worthwhile to see the same story covered so differently in the left and right wing weblogs. I simply can't imagine how much dirtier and more hateful things are going to get as we inch closer to the most important presidential election in my 40 years..."

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