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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Fisking LGF

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Charles Johnson likes to pretend he's always one step ahead of those darstardly mainstream journalists, fact-checking their ass and blowing their nasty propaganda clean outta the water. The problem is, Charlie will only fact-check selectively, when it suits him, not when it could undermine his argument or that of the people he supports. Here's a short list of recent 'facts' conspicuously CJ failed to check:

1) Hallucinating Arnie

Arnold 'Terminator' Schwarzengger really delivered a killer speech at the GOP convention last week, even going so far as calling his opponents "girlie men". Wow, class or what?! Anyway, Arnie also told a little anecdote about his childhood growing up in Austria, which according to Arnie became a "socialist country" after 1955. This must come as some shock to the Austrian people, who all along thought they had elected conservative chancellors in the years from 1945 to 1970. Arnie left Austria in 1966.

2) French Anti-Semitism 'Watch'

Charles Johnson loves labelling the French as anti-Semitic, so when a Jewish community centre in Paris went up in flames he naturally rubbed his hands with glee and posted some news items about the incident, stressing the possibility that the act of arson might have been committed by Muslims ( One might argue that, in doing so, he was merely echoing what the press and politicians in France and elsewhere were reporting about the incident. Fair enough. Strange though that he hasn't found time to follow-up the latest revelation in this story: that it might have been one of the users of the community centre who set it alight:

'Jew suspected in Paris arson faces jail' (Jpost)

'Jewish man arrested in Paris arson' (IHT)

'Jew may have torched Paris soup kitchen' (Haaretz)

3) Charles cheers too soon

On Sunday 4 September Charles announced the capture of one of Saddam Hussein's deputies, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri. Like everyone else, he had been fooled by press releases from the Iraqi interim government announcing al-Douri's capture. By Sunday it had become clear that the person apprehended wasn't al-Douri. As yet, Charles has made no mention of this fact...

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