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Monday, September 20, 2004

On Charles Johnson, George Bush and little girls

A regular reader has pointed out a story on LGF we nearly missed over the weekend about a 3-year old girl whose Bush/Cheney sign was ripped up by Kerry 'thugs' - a story that sent LGFers into a frenzy of astute polito-sociological observations like: "LIBERALS ARE FACISTS AND NAZIS" (

Whether or not the story happened the way the LGFers like to imagine is secondary to the blatant hypocrisy which surfaces here: had the girl been a Palestinian child taking part in a political demonstration there would have been whoops of joy from the Lizard crowd if she'd received a direct hit from an Israeli missile. But such double standards are to be expected from people whose life-experience seems to consist only of what they see on screen.

What, we wonder, would the LGF crowd have done if they had encountered the 11-year old Iraqi girl we were privileged to meet the other day? This girl's entire family, apart from her father, was killed when a cluster bomb was dropped on their home in Basra last year by a US warplane. She herself lost a leg in the attack. Despite seeing and suffering the horrors of war first-hand, she is a lively, intelligent and friendly child, who gleefully set the table for our meal and urged us to keep eating far beyond the point where our stomachs could take any more, all the time jabbering away in Arabic.

She is learning English fast and is being looked after by people who were vilified on LGF not so long ago for their peace activism. What would the LGF crowd, if they could tear themselves away from fake memos and ripped-up placards for a moment, say to this girl, whose life has been irrevocably damaged by George Bush's war? And what would they say to the people who have risked their lives to get her out of Iraq in order to give her a chance of growing up and leading a normal life?

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