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Monday, December 01, 2008

That Old, Familiar Feeling

This is just for those who kept saying that LGF had gone soft, gone leftist, or not bigoted anymore. Charles may have reined in his lizards for a while, but it's back to good old Islam hating at LGF now.


Anonymous said...

So I guess Zombie now respect the Saudi regime, British Muslim council, because those condemned the attacks?

but will probably not spare the billion because he cannot hear from them all one by one, because all Muslims have to come forward and tell zombie they are condemning the attacks?

So can we apply the same rule on Christians, Jewish, Whites, Blacks, Buddhists, Hindus ...etc?

In that way everyone in the world is a complicit in a crime.

I do criticize extreme Muslims and some moderate Muslims, but one has not to be a bigoted SOB. beside if you have lots of hate, what set you aside from extreme Muslims? the terrorists you know justify their actions by the same hate.

FGFM said...

This probably escaped their notice, not to mention that the group was barred in Pakistan years ago.

Mumbai's most influential Muslim cemetery rejected the corpses of nine of the gunmen and said "Islam does not permit this sort of barbaric crime."

Anonymous said...

Muslim graveyard refuses to bury terrorists in Mumbai

Anonymous said...

"because all Muslims have to come forward and tell zombie they are condemning the attacks?"

you forget, Zombie is some random dude on the internet who does all the heavy manual labour on LGF charles should, he is more entitled than other people and DESERVES to have every Muslim walk up to him and condemn the attacks.