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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Charles Insults of the Week

Charles is really into insulting other bloggers lately, I just thought I'd chronicle the egomania with a few highlights:

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arik's hamster said...

And to think Pammy once flew all the way across country to a LGF party in San Francisco just to meet her 'blog-daddy' Charles and perhaps bear his children.

Unfortunately Charles didn't show, and she ended up being drunkenly pawed by some of the lesser lights.

Now it has come to this.


ChenZhen said...

Well, I certainly don't have a problem with some of that. Geller is batshit crazy, after all. And BillO is pretty annoying (and probably not a blogger in the colloquial sense).

But if you want another one, CJ dubbed me a "true creep" recently, so you can add that if you want.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite. "I critique, you find fault, he insults." --Lex, essentially.

Badger3k said...

I actually find agreement with Chuckles. Bill O'Reilly is an idiot.