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Friday, January 04, 2008

Number crunching

Sometimes it's the small things that give you away.

Charles Johnson says "Things were pretty calm in Paris over New Year’s Eve—only 372 cars torched."

A few lines down, in the article he quotes, the French Interior Ministry is cited as saying that 144 cars were burned that night in the Paris region. Is Charles Johnson wilfully lying, or is he just too stupid to read properly?


pgp said...

Ah, Charles is lying he's not stupid.
Hey speaking of lying an deceit. Can you all show support for ChenZhen's blog...please. Charles banned him and now he's sent his minions over to Chen's blog to attack him. I find it repulsive that Charles stoops to this level. Of course he's done the same here too.
So please show your support for Chen @

ChenZhen said...


Do you have a link? I seriously doubt Charles would call me out like that. I was banned months ago.

In any case, I appreciate the plug, but I spent a year and a half fending off attacks from the lizard swarm. No big deal.

Anonymous said...


There are several of Charles' minions that are messing the place up. One minion I can't stand is Kriegwagon. He has the balls to call himself an asshole and he is proud of it too. Kriegwagon and ChenZhen sparred a few times but ChenZhen kicked his ass. Kriegwagon is the epitome of a moronic Nazi right-winger.

Legalize said...

It doesn't MATTER if Chuckles is lying or simply stupid because his followers are also liars and or stupid themselves. Besides, if some FRENCH dude - even one in a position to actually know what he's talking about - contradicts Chuckles, who do you think the Liztards are going to believe?

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen Chuckles supporting the British blogger Lionhearts blog from being prosecuted...then, finding out that Lionheart is a fascist....quickly updating the post to say while he doesn't agree with what Lionheart has to say he supports free speech.

One wonders why he is so supportive of that fascists freedom of speech and has a problem with minor Flemish fascists same freedom?

so said...

To anonymous below legalize: Charles also claimed that he does not support banning the Quran as free speech, so I don't see anything contradictory, I don't remember I read anywhere that Charles wanted to ban Flemish free speech.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy is the apoplexy that Charles whipped himself up in when it came to Brussels Journal and VB's links to holocaust deniers, neo-Nazis and racist freaks......then compare it to the luke warm caveat he adds at the end of the Lionheart post. Lionheart is an active member of the BNP and is being defended legally by someone who has strong links with the now defunct National Front (UK).

Charles jumped the gun to defend this creep. The only people saying the police were clamping down on him for 'criticising Islam' were the blogger and his legal representation. The Police haven't indicated what exactly contravened the law yet. So let's just wait and see.

Let's not support the freedom of speech issue blindly when it comes to creeps like Lionheart, especially when we don't know what he's been prosecuted for.

He's already stretched the truth about the severity of the consequences, I wonder how many other little lies he's tried?