Little Green Footballs

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is Charles Johnson wired...

..when he writes his blog? We're just asking cos he plays up the "Romney was wired" meme, conveniently forgetting that he pooh-pooed a similar rumor about Bush's little helper.

Time to lay off the drugs, Chuckie!


Anonymous said...

OT: I don't read LGF anymore but the recent breaching of the wall in Gaza to circumvent the Israeli blockade made me curious about what the LGFukups would be saying. As far as I can tell, there is not a single mention of it. Isn't that lame-- and a bit bizarre? Do you think the LGFers even know about it if Charles doesn't tell them?

Tax Free Killer said...

Charles is going mad. I'm a longtime poster at LGF and didn't like his attack on Romney. I don't agree with this blog's Leftist views, but you call out LGF. I'm done with that liberal garbage over there. Check out my posts there and you'll see I'm legit. Romney is a good conservative, how dare Charles smear him!

Carl Carlsson said...


As a 'leftist' I find it strange that LGF's main targets for abuse, slurs and general unpleasantness seem to be the Republican candidates. Surely Chuckles should be posting negatively on Obama and Clinton...unless there's a Republican candidate and his press officer directing these attacks?

Anyway enough of the conspiracy theories. Charles is an idiot. And he's been called out on it now by theleft and by the right.

Lex said...

Um, it seems that Chuck has changed your links to an IDF site:

I didn't think he could do that until Sphinx told me, but there you are.

Anyway, since I can't read what you guys meant by "wired", here's my take on Mitt being in, I think he's most definitely a cyborg.

P.S. Charles, if you change my link somehow I'll bust your nuts. The MittBot sees all.

Anonymous said...

Charles johnson and his lgf lackeys seem like their European fascist counterparts. outright racists, that just hate because hate seems cool to them. if any of them make it to heaven, will they be asking God for racial segregation.

Legalize said...

"Do you think the LGFers even know about it if Charles doesn't tell them?"

We're talking about a brood that is proud of its lack of perspective, intentionally narrow experience, and the fact that it hasn't consulted any news outlet other than LGF since 1968. They wouldn't know if they had to sneeze if Chuckles didn't tell them.

Sura 109 said...

Check out my posts there and you'll see I'm legit.

Does Chucky still bar the not-logged-in from searching? (Hmmm, what has he got to hide over there?)