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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Two days after the fact, Senior Middle East Analyst Charles Johnson finally got around to mentioning Dubya's Sword Dance with his BFFs in Saudi Arabia.

A sampling of the lizards' reactions:

traitor ... Stop it, George. Just stop it. ... It's idiocy such as this that gave Ron Paul room to run. ... what did he say he wanted his legacy to be? Totally selling out Israel for his Saudi buds? ... Today I am embarrassed to be an American. ... Primitive tribal dance. This is a disgrace. ... Just keep on yukking it up, you filthy excuse for a President of the United States. ... God DAMN! What the fuck is WRONG WITH HIM? ... Does our President have NO shame? ... I just threw up a little in my mouth. ... what an ass, i personally cant think of anythingbad [sic] enough to call him or the ass who sells us hte [sic] oil ... Insanity all around. Laura Bush is numb too, with her hijab disgrace... What the hell was she thinking? And now her husband does even worse. ... He's sickening. I think every move Bush has made has been at the behest of his Saudi masters, including invading Iraq and getting rid of that troublemaking Saddam. ... I think Bush must be saying "Allahu Akbar" in between yuks. ... he looks drugged. so awkward and goofy. another propaganda coup for the enemy ...

and so on.

And the winner is:

You know I was a big I mean big supporter of Bush. I worked at a TV station and God knows I took my share of crap defending him. But now I think he is just a spoiled rich kid. he reminds me of the son of the guy that ran and owned a good portion of the place. Daddy gave him everything. He was a total dumbshit who thought he knew it all and daddy of course backed his every stupid move. God if Democrats where not such total wastes of breathable air they could have beat him in the last election lesser of to evils is getting old in the elections for sure

To us, the only surprise is that any lizard could possibly have been surprised by any of this.


The Sphinx said...

This certainly wasn't their sentiment in 2004 when the man got re-elected.. How times can change..

While I'm wading through over 3-year-old LGF dirt, how's this for Islamophobia? (See comments)

Anonymous said...

And it only took 22 comments for someone to ask why he didn't use the sword on the Saudi King. Gotta love it...

ChenZhen said...

#272 Maine's Michael 1/16/08

Bush is walking arm in arm with the Saudi King, smiling, joking, pleeding, 'one last time', for lower oil prices. An gifted arab sword rests on his right shoulder. They are both surrounded by the Saudi elite. Hand picked Secret Service guards keep a watchful eye.

After some time, the President says 'Enough of this.' and unshoulders the sword, grasping the handle with both hands. He makes a large horizontal arc thru the air with the sword, swinging it HARD, from right to left.

The Saudi King's head flies off his shoulders, and makes a sick thud as it hits a gold leafed column in the palace, then makes a wet smack as it hits the ground.

The Secret Service pull their micro-automatics from their shoulder holsters, and cover the slack-jawed Saudis, who stand silently.

Condi, standing nearby, throws up a little, just into her mouth.

'I think we will have much lower oil prices for a while, and no more terrorism, and real peace with Israel, dontcha all agree?' asks the President?

And then I woke up.

LMFAO! Nice fantasy. Conan the Destroyer, Bush ain't. In fact, given Bush's accident prone nature, one has to consider the guy lucky he din't injure himself with that sword.

BTW- Do you guys ever get a guilty feeling? You know, like you're picking on the kids in special ed?

Anonymous said...

This one is really stupid, imagine if that dance happened to be in Russia, China or Israel. LGF does not know diplomacy, you can't bomb and break with every country. Although Saudi Arabia is a main terror harbor, but they are the biggest oil exporter too. LGF on this issue is pathetic just like Hillary Clinton.

Sphinx, again this has nothing to do with Islamophobia. each time you talk about Islamophobia you prove how idiot you are. Because nobody afraid from Islam, people can afraid from extreme Muslims. Islam is what Muslims say. This term is used to silence critics of Islam. You should accept whether you want or not, our free speech to criticize, mock, dis, laugh at, make fun of, joke about, or any other free expression expressed about or on Islam.

Islam is not higher than any other thoughts, so shove it up there if you don't like. We are not living in Egypt to try to silence our voice.

The Sphinx said...

anonymous@3:20, it's at least a grave sign of stupidity if people start saying they would get massively creeped out by merely seeing a woman covering her hair while doing her job (#8, #10, #11, ..) or posting inflammatory and disrespectful remarks (#14, #23, #25, ...) for no reason at all. This would not happen if it were a nun working at the polling stations (Also with a hair cover, I may remind you), or an orthodox Jew.
Substitute the hijab-clad woman with an orthodox Jew, and see how you like that kind of garbage then. Would that not be "antisemitic"?

This isn't about silencing anybody, it's about pointing out the crippling hypocrisy, and irrational fear of anything "Muslim". You also need to distinguish between "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom of insult". Very fine line between both.

Anonymous said...

The sphinx,
freedom of insult without crossing the limits of law (hate crime, harassment..etc) is free speech, you must be reading the law wrongly. people insulting bush day and night, and that's rightly free speech. people insulting nuns, Christianity, Christians, Jews, Judaism all the time, so get over it.

You're right that they cross the line about their hypocritically charged messages, but that should not be called Islamophobia, that should be called anti-Muslim, and still free speech. Islamophobia is a term to silence critics of Islam, which is totally acceptable free speech, remember that well. Those who invented Islamophobia if they care for Muslims, they would say anti-Muslim, or Muslimophoiba. Islamophobia is a totally wrong term, and I don't feel bad if someone called me islamophobic, because that person will prove he or she is stupid.

Do not follow your leaders blindly. look at the racism in the Arab and Muslim world toward non-Muslims and non-Arabs and you will see how little what LGF is doing/saying comparing to the bigots and terrorists there.

The Sphinx said...

Actually, if any term describes LGF perfectly, it's "Islamophobia".
"Muslimophobia", being equally despicable, is not as accurate, simply because many lizards claim they hate Islam itself (which the majority of people on that site do), while not hating Muslims per se.

The fact for me is, whether it's the Muslim religion, Muslim people, Muslim customs and beliefs, it's disliked by LGF at best, ragingly detested at worst.
Many lizards have also explicitly proclaimed that they ARE Islamophobic and want Islam as a religion destroyed once and for all. So if lizards aren't literally living on Islamophobia, then I'm a flower pot.

If anybody wants to talk bullcrap about Islam, or whatever other religion, fine. I will not refrain though from pointing out what idiots they are. Because calling a woman doing her job "Maggot" for having a piece of cloth over her head is of highest idiocy, for example.

And finally, idiocy in the Arab world doesn't make LGF a better place, and idiocy on LGF doesn't make the idiocy on some Mid Eastern forums any better either (And I have seen a fair share of that).

Anonymous said...

Two words for you all (especially Sphinx). Your response reveals your true commitment to freedom of speech:

Ezra Levant.

Anonymous said...

The Sphinx, you are just proving my point. thank you. but as long as you are in the west, you should accept the free speech, we can say anything about Islam, Islam and any other religion or ideas are not higher than criticism or even hate. hating Islam is not crime, and calling for a ban on Islam, even if it is wrong, not a crime, neither racism.

My point was that Muslim mainstream leaders use Islamophobia to silence critics of Islam, you denied that in the first, then now you are saying if anybody talk bullcrap about Islam, you show them how "idiot" they are. well guess what, you win the idiocy prize.

I wonder if LGFW will continue supporting a west hater like you.

listen to me carefully, nobody will prevent us from criticizing or even trashing Islam, as long some people like you continue their outrage, idiocy, and will to silence us, we will continue exposing this hatred that use religious cover and called Islam. We will never stop from exposing Islam until the majority of Muslims reform their religion and make it fit into modern society.

The idiots in the Arab world are Islamists.

Lex said...

I cannot express enough how much I admire the ability to stomach going through all of these LGF threads. I could hardly make it through the one in which I left my "resignation". It took a whole day to return just to that.

Sphinx, that 04 election was such a disaster. Total FUBAR. At least this time around we may have someone decent to vote for.

The Sphinx said...

Anonymous, your foolhardy use of the term "West Hater" qualifies you with this prize you want to hand me all along.

I said it once, and I'll say it again: If you think it's alright for people to smear an entire religion, then I think it's perfectly alright for me to state my opinion on why I think the people that happen to do that are dolts.

Can we please agree on that? Thank you.