Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting around LGF's redirection

Readers have been pointing out that Charles has resumed his cowardly practice of redirecting links from hostile blogs (such as this one) to the IDF website.

There's a simple way of getting round this problem, and that's to download the de-refer script for Firefox and configure it for LGF.

Granted, CJ can still block individual IPs (and he does), but for that problem there's another solution: proxies.

Hey, Charles, haven't you heard the fundamental rule of the Interweb yet? Information wants to be free!

P.S.: Nice catch, Sphinx!


Richard said...

Can you tell me a little bit more about proxies? I've got a few visitors who use them & they annoy me. I think based on what you say they must use them because I've banned them for being trolls. In particular, I've banned the Israeli-Armerican Kahanist Steven Plaut fr. my blog & yet he at times has revisited using a proxy.

So if he does this is there no point in banning the proxy? Or will banning the proxy IP prevent him fr. using that proxy in the future?

The Sphinx said...

Richard, I don't think banning an entire proxy will bring anything, because there will be 548934 others the guy can use. In your position, I wouldn't know what to do to keep him out. Comment moderation is a blessing though.

And re "Nice catch, Sphinx!": Thanks a lot :)