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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Charles Johnson {hearts} Silvio Berlusconi

Lizard king Johnson, normally so coy about declaring who he's for (as opposed to who he's against), has given Silvio Berlusconi the thumbs up to become Italy's prime minister (once again).

CJ says:

Anti-American socialist Italian prime minister Romano Prodi is out, after less than two years in office. Didn’t take the Italians long to tire of him

The comment displays a certain lack of understanding of a) who Prodi is and what his politics are and b) how Prodi left office, but never mind - Berlusconi's "resurgent".

For those (like Charles) who don't follow Italian politics closely our advice is to read a little bit about the Berlusconi's career, his political opinions, and his shady financial dealings. You could do worse than start at Wikipedia. If you want to learn more, why not see what that well-known "communist rag" (Berlusconi's words) The Economist has to say about him. And if you've still not had enough, why not hop over to Amazon and buy a book about contemporary Italian politics?

Does that sound too much like hard work, little lizard? Thought so. It's much easier to just spout uninformed nonsense and be done with it, isn't it?

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