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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Teddy Bear Hysteria

We can always count on Charles Johnson to ignore inconvenient facts. He notes that "Quite a few commenters at the BBC web site think the teddy bear teacher deserves her fate" but never mentions the Muslims who have spoken out against this sentence.

From The Daily Mail (11/30/07):

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain branded the court decision a "gross over-reaction from Sudanese authorities".

He said: "This case should have required only simple common sense to resolve. It is unfortunate that the Sudanese authorities were found wanting in this most basic of qualities.

"Gillian should never have been arrested, let alone charged and convicted of committing a crime. We hope that Gillian will be able to return home without much further delay."

The Muslim Council of Britain called the sentence completely unjustified.

"I'm utterly disappointed with this decision," said the council's Ibrahim Mogra. "We have been calling on the Sudanese authorities to show leniency, that this was a case of an innocent oversight, a misunderstanding, and there was no need for this to be escalated."


Anonymous said...

We can always count on LGF Watch to write stupid posts. CJ's remark(a quote from the original article) says nothing about the religion of the commenters one way or another. And the point of the article was that a suprising number of Britons, not Muslims, are agreeing with the verdict. The article in fact mentions that the majority of posters who identify themselves as Muslim disagree with the verdict.

Apparently when CJ posts a direct link to an article that makes the points I summarize above, that counts as "ignoring inconvenient facts" in your world.

Don't worry! As soon as you get over your obsession with CJ, you can get back to those "Hooked on Phonics" tapes gathering dust in the attic. Before long you'll be able to read the articles you reference. YOU CAN DO IT, STEVE! YOU CAN OVERCOME ILLITERACY!

Lex said...

The wacky protesters are exactly why my Muslim friends always get so upset over this sort of news coverage, and I don't blame them! I've had enough people tell me, "imagine if the whole world was equating your religion with the latest Fred Phelps protest!". Do any other Americans watch BBC World news? Or listen? Or Have Your Say on radio or the web-site? How many more Muslims have to go on the Beeb (not to mention alternative/indie media) before these people realize that there IS an outcry by most Muslims over the sentence, not the woman serving it?

The Sphinx said...

After going over that nice trolling

EVERY Muslim I know would shake their heads in disbelief over the utter stupidity how this case was handled. The kids called the bear Mohamed. SO FRIGGIN WHAT. It's the most common Muslim name ever, and there is no reason why they shouldn't call a bear that.

There, I said it. Now if you would just get your head out of your arse, you might want to ask yourself this:

How did the reasonable and honourable Charles Johnson handle this story?

Well, he reported the story sarcastically, posted TWICE about riots in Sudan from equally stupid people demanding her execution, but he conveniently left out all the parts found in every news report that say how different Muslims condemned the act, not only from Britain, but also from Sudan, including her colleagues at the school and the children themselves.

So why did Chuckballs leave this out? Did he forget? Hardly, because everyone who'd do some balanced reporting would at least include one example out of many. Did he want to save webspace? Very unlikely judging by his high number of useless open threads.
So in conclusion, he simply chose not to.
Not only did he ignore this, he also decided to smear the entire religion while at it. This lead to his sheep squad believing once again that the entire Muslim world and religion is evil beyond everything.

So if you ask me, Chuckballs is just a big fat liar.

Anonymous said...

Hardly, because everyone who'd do some balanced reporting would at least include one example out of many.

Charles Johnson do some "balanced reporting"?!


*wipes eyes*

Thanks for the laugh, Sphinx.

Anonymous said...

>>> Anonymous #1 said: "And the point of the article was that a suprising number of Britons, not Muslims, are agreeing with the verdict."

A surprising number of Britons? We're talking about a handful of commenters on the BBC website, they are completely irrelevant when you consider the size of the population.

irq1 said...

have you ever read Arabic? have you ever visited have your say of BBC in arabic to see the "outcry" ?

one should not ignore the problem of many people silence especially over there, in the islamic world. and these muslims councils are not doing enough to stop extreme Muslims. guess if the Sudanese court is american court sentences a terrorist, we will see the real outcry from these councils .

nobody knows if most muslims agree or not, what is certain is most powerful muslims are doing very little to stop extreme Islam, Islamic world live in ignorance, thanks to the apologists who try to stop any move to educate them.

The Sphinx said...


do you think that places like LGF are doing anything against Islamic extremism? Think about it seriously for a while, and besides using up precious webspace, punching a load of garbage into their keyboards, and providing some amusement for people like us, they aren't achieving anything really.

So why are you - and other people - complaining about the silence from the Muslim world, when this silence is mostly induced by the media? Or when was the last time you saw any postive voices from the Muslim world in the news? Ever?
It's not really fair to claim this when the people's voices aren't being publicized for the world to see. It's like sticking your fingers into your ears and saying: "LAALAALAAA I can't hear you!!!"

I've been told by many that I should be directing my energy against terrorists.
Well hooray, I'm just a young student who has other things on his mind than what people are doing elsewhere on the planet. What should I do? Hunt them down myself? Stand on the street and yell: "Terrorists suck!!" ? Just wish them off the face of the earth?

And think about this for a change: Terrorism has always existed, does exist, and will always exist, not under any certain religion or ideology. It is just another form of crime, and crime is just as old as human existence.

And if you think that wars are the way to solve this problem, then you might consider that every time one attacks a country, that spawns more terrorists/insurgents/fighters/whatever-you-want-to-call-them than the war can actually eliminate.

If I were in a country and another one decided to bomb us, I would rather be fighting the invaders than worrying about what label they'd give me.

"We will invade your country!"
"I'll fight you back!"
" .. I'm sorry.. In fact, I love you.."

You'll have noticed that most terror networks are motivated by the imperialistic approach of western powers to world issues. This war on terrorism is really fuelling more than it can extinguish, so maybe one needs to find another approach, rather than marching to an inevitable fight-to-the-death.

Lex said...

Sphinx--I really do think that they want you and every other Muslim to stand on street-corners yelling that, I REALLY DO! I got begged for condemnation of terrorism by Muslims that could be posted on a pretty anti-Muslim website, and I just had to laugh. No one I know would let anyone running a site like that post their words. Never.

Irq1--Hellooo there, forgot to come back and answer you. Yes, actually, is the answer. When I was drinking some wacky kool-aid and posting as "Pim's Ghost", yes I did do that digging. I taught myself some Arabic, which I need to continue actually, and also had Arabic speakers read pieces being cited in the media or on MEMRI to verify accuracy. There are always some claims of inaccuracy in translation, so I always checked.

One thing I DID find more often than not though, was a complete lack of coverage of any stories NOT dealing with some freak's desire to blow up us infidels. People I know traced the stories back to their source and the "cherry picking" of these stories done by MEMRI and fed to others is utterly horrid, which rather backs up what Sphinx has been trying to tell you already.