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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Oh, the cruelty of blogs

Karl Rove's sock puppet, Charles 'Fingers' Johnson, is complaining about those mean people at and HuffPo again, who have been posting nasty things about Dick Cheney.

As our enigmatic regular, The Sphinx, notes, that's a bit rich coming from someone whose blog specializes in bestowing upon its enemies the foulest descriptions imaginable: Alan Johnston, Rachel Corrie, Kofi Annan and Yassir Arafat , to name a few.


Anonymous said...

Karl Rove would never stoop so low!

Anonymous said...

Now this is interesting: Charles Quits Management of Bathrobe Media.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:34

Charles said:

I'm looking forward to the fantasies that will be concocted.


Let's see: pajamas, little green bedsheets and fantasies involving lizards...

Again, ewwwww

Robin said...

Hi There!!

I found your sight from the Sphinx-GREAT to know such a sight as yours exists. But I have a wee bit of a technical problem. Way back in May I posted the grand total of seven comments on Daily Kos, one of which was removed by the "administration" there because I was trying to uncover a "sock puppet". Lo and behold, a conversation about this was posted on LGF which a friend alerted me to. So, curious me went to link to the link sent to me on LGF and guess what? Without EVER posting a comment there I had been "forbidden" by my IP number. Now this was STRANGE because I HAD been able to link to LGF prior to this.
Sooo....who could have given my IP number to LGF to "forbid" me? ONLY
the person who owned the blog I thought was the sock puppet OR someone in DK's administration who had access to my IP. Unfortunately now, I CANNOT link to any of your links regarding LGF--but good luck anyway in your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin -

During the past few months, LGF has been banning folks who do nothing more than search for the names of former posters who have been banned there, or possibly even just for coming via links from here and other sites that are perceived to be hostile.

Red Tulips said...

How disgusting on your part.

Outright enemies of the state are compared to Cheney. (by that I refer to Arafat and Corrie)

Rachel Corrie aided and abetted terrorists. She acted as a Hamas operative. Why should anyone mourn the death of such a person?

Yassir Arafat was responsible for the death of thousands; again, why should his death be mourned again?

It is repugnant beyond belief that you would equate Cheney with America's enemies.

Not surprising, given you link to Finkelstein.

V said...

RT: so what you're saying is that it's perfectly OK to wish someone dead and/or dance on their grave.

Red Tulips said...


I am saying that it is totally different to wish the enemy dead (or be happy that they are dead), rather than your president or vice president.

Rather obvious point. (also, it should be noted that no one at LGF wished Corrie dead - rather, they were happy she was dead, as she was an enemy operative)

Wishing the enemy dead means that less Americans/Israelis have to die as a result of the enemy seeking to kill Americans/Israelis.

During WWII, Americans were quite happy when news of Hitler's death was reported.

The same applied directly to Arafat and less directly to Corrie. (Corrie was not a Hitler, but she did aid and abet those who have Jew annhilation as their goal)

Anonymous said...

Red Tulips:

How do you explain the many comments wishing Olmert dead (specifically, that he be murdered)?

Red Tulips said...

Olmert is a traitor to the Jewish nation and should be jailed. That said, I have not seen comments wishing for his death on LGF. So your comment is wholly spurious.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, if you haven't seen the comments it's spurious? Do you monitor all of the thousands of comments at LGF?

Anonymous said...

Ah, little crimson flower, the mask comes off. So Olmert is a traitor? For what? Negotiating with the Palestinians? So did each and every Israeli PM since, and including, Shamir, many of whom relented more than Olmert. All these democratically elected leaders are traitors, according to you, I see.

The penalty for treason is often death, not prison, but let's believe you really want to merely incarcerate all of Israel's leaders, all of whom who were acting on behalf of the Israeli public's wishes.
To claim explicit wishes and calls for the murder of Olmert haven't appeared on LGF is willful blindness. You know CJ doesn't allow searching comments for those who are unregistered (with an ostentatiously dishonest excuse why), so I cannot provide you with specific examples, but they're there, and it's not difficult to find.
You're just like a pretend-moderate Muslim who claims to have never encountered extremism in, say, a Muslim Brotherhood rally.

Red Tulips said...

Olmert's negotiating with the Arabs is the least of his misdeeds.

That's neither here nor there. Please provide an example of lizards wishing for Olmert's death, or your point lacks any merit whatsoever.

Red Tulips said...

The comment I wrote was censored...why?

The Sphinx said...

RT, here are two I found in 3 minutes flat:

One.. And two..

More to come when I feel like wading through some more filth. Like this..

Red Tulips said...

The first comment did not wish for Olmert's death. The second comment might have, but did not say so in so many words - unlike the comments that LGF regularly cites to on Huffington Post.

And anyway, Olmert is a traitor to the Jewish nation and should be jailed for treason. Anger towards him is justified, openly wishing for his death is not.

Anonymous said...

Do a search for "Pulsa" or "Yigal Amir" and you'll find several more death threats/wishes. When I was registered, I reported some of the explicit ones, but only one was deleted, so I know Charles has seen and personally approved those.
As already mentioned, Charles disabled searches for the unregistered, so you'll have to do those yourself (but note, searches are monitored and those that search for content which might be embarrassing are banned).

However, just looking at random threads concerning Olmert yields these:

#4 FinallyHere 3/28/06 5:16:13 pm reply quote report 0

I hope Olmert will follow sharon all way.
And soon.

I also hope that US will not pay for ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea.

Very sad day.

#20 mbpaul 12/25/06 7:19:53 pm reply quote report 0

Do I hope for a coupe d'etat? Yes. Olmert must go and go now.

#49 Nannette 7/31/07 2:34:57 pm reply quote report 0

Olmert is a kapo, a judenrat and has been waging war against the Jews since he became the unelected, accidental, prime minister of Israel.

#103 Nannette 7/31/07 2:53:10 pm reply quote report 0

re: #80 WrathofG-d

re: #71 Nannette

You have to understand that Olmert is a fantastic guy...


you cannot be angry or even wish that he leave his office. You must only sit there behind your computer and express disappointment. Even if that means that you will be watching the world crumble around you.

Besides Olmert is a fine gentleman who should have nothing but the best of health.

I hope his non-existent balls drop off, and that he'll anwer to God before he nears his old age.

In fact, as CiJs article states....good ol' Olmert is ensuring that Jerusalem be given away....

If that ever happens, may it be the last thing he ever does, and may God ensure his soul is tormented for all eternity.

#119 WrathofG-d 7/31/07 3:00:25 pm reply quote report 0

re: #109 Judith

I think Nanette means to call Olmert a TRAITOR. A traitor to his people & a traitor to his Country.

He hasn't done anything right and like those that have sold out their own throughout our biblical history, he has turned his back on his people and on G-d.

Olmert is horrible. He is wrong for the Country, and he needs to go!

Judaism has a specific history on what should be done to Jews who transgress so horribly against G-d and the Jewish people.

I see Nanettes response and more normal than yours to be honest. But then again I revel in righteous anger vs. passive yet tempered indifference.

As for you -
Why, then, do you call Olmert a traitor? And what do you think of Rabin's murder?

The Sphinx said...

RT, what are you talking about? The first comment is even explicit than the second one! This person said they usually don't wish death upon anyone, and then comes the dreaded "but".
And because the plan to murder Olmert failed, they say "Shucks", which, if you weren't aware already, is an old way of saying "Too bad".

You're in denial mode again.

Red Tulips said...


There is a major difference between saying "I do not wish for someone's death, but if they died, I would not be unhappy" and "I want that person to die." Arier did not wish for Olmert's death. It's a simple fact, he did not.

Most of the comments cited by Anon similarly do not call for Olmert's death; they call for a revolution within Israel, but that is because the government of Israel has taken it upon themselves to ethnically cleanse Jews from the holy of holies, while claiming it is somehow "humane" to do so.

And yes, THAT is the worst of what Olmert has done. It is treason to the Jewish nation. And it is why Olmert and those who wish to ethnically cleanse Jews from their homes from Judea and Samaria under the false notion that it will bring about "peace," rather than suicide borders, similarly need to go.

It's not about 'negotiation.' They can talk all they want, I don't care. It's about 'negotiation' with the intent of forcing Jews out of homes. Thousands of illegal Arab homes exist in Israel, and no one cares. Somehow, the LEGAL 'settlements' in Israel are a human rights crisis? And that thinking is perpetuated by Olmert and those like Olmert, who are in power. It says Jews are the second class citizen, unworthy of the same rights of nonJews.

It is deplorable.

Even more is the fact that the land to be given away and made Judenrein is land needed for strategic military purposes. Judea and Samaria is to be made Judenrein, and it will not be any safer. (quite the opposite)

On top of everything else, there is the Bank Leumi controversy.

So do I think Olmert and those of his ilk are traitors to the Jewish nation? Yes. Do I wish him dead? No. I would like him to sit in jail and know why he is there.

The Sphinx said...

Illegal Arab houses in Israel? Legal Israeli settlements in the west bank??

I think I see where you're heading. You think that Palestinians as a whole do not deserve to remain in their homes, and would rather Israel would throw them all out. Doesn't that sound dandy to you?

And maybe you don't wish for their deaths, but you wouldn't be unhappy if they were all dead. Is that right?

And you dared to ask me why I detest Zionism.

You never really were Pro-Palestinian as you keep trying to tell the world. You couldn't care less whether they lead lives that's fit for humans or for animals, whether they have their homes or not, in fact, everything is fine in your book as long as Israel has its sense of security.

And you never really care about whether I "could be a great leader" as you told me before, the only thing that would matter to you is whether I think and act exactly as YOU want me to, and think just like you do, and not how I should decide as a free-thinking individual. Which probably explains your bossy approach to almost anything we disagree on and your ridiculous demands you keep shoving into my face.

I'm quite shocked. I thought I knew you better. Seems I was wrong.

Red Tulips said...



No, I mean homes built without permits. Built on land the 'Palestinians' do not even own. This occurs at a rate of THOUSANDS a year.

Meanwhile, it is an 'abomination' to built homes on land lawfully purchased in the West Bank?

Count me out of that repulsive racism and bigotry, in part perpetuated by Olmert and his ilk.

ChenZhen said...


Just testing CoComment.