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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quick quiz

Who said this (re Iraq)?

The whole thing has been a gigantic fuckup, obviously.
Daily Kos? Atrios? Democratic Underground? Juan Cole? Ken Livingston? Hugo Chavez? CAIR?

The answer will surprise you. I doubt Charles will link approvingly to that assesment.


watcher said...

So what? you quoted totten on this one only? you forgot how many times he discredited your pro-terror apologies and stories. whether Iraq war was right or wrong, you have a job to finish.

I know you are very sad that iraq is getting better, because that destroys your illusions in winning your war on Bush. Not that I support him by the way, but you guys are worse than him anyway.

The Sphinx said...

Pro-terror apologies and stories? Why don't you provide proof for such a claim, rather than making a complete dolt out of yourself?

Maybe you haven't realized that the purpose of this site is to show what kind of hypocrite and rubbish "journalist" Charles Johnson is, and how mentally instable his hoard of drooling minions are, accusing the world of what they themselves do, and detaching themselves from reality entirely. Nobody here supports terror, and before you support that outrageous claim with some solid proof, you can wrap it in paper and smoke it.

Funny how everything is about "terror" for you though. There are other things in life, you know..

zane said...

"Not that I support him by the way, but you guys are worse than him anyway."

it is plainly hilarious to see these Republican zombies denying bush now. only 1 year ago he was you messiah with the direct line to God, you know the great cour de lion, Crusader 1. We all witness you in 2004 as you waved your arms yelling 4 more years.

And no look at you, 1 failed war and failed presidency later you cant run from your past fast enough.

Well know this, we will never forget what you people did to this country after 9/11, we will not forgot the politics of prejudice you ised to wrench us apart, son from father and brother from brother. We will not forget your use of bigotry and hatred to homosexuals, your self flagelation at the altar of evil. We will never forget how you parroted the terrorist talking points and lied ad nauseam to futher your taliban like zeal.

And now that you wish to distance yourself from all your past sins, we will srub your faces in it every moment of everyday for the res of your waking lives.

Merry Christmas

Tex Taylor said...

How long before that American hating Sphinx shows up to pound his chest about his prophetic genius while telling the Watch of all his friends in America?

I guess it could be true since his friends in America all hate American too.

Petra said...

This must from one of Charles' racist commenter from a newspaper in California

"Teddy bear religion
I certainly hope that Gillian Gibbons, the British teacher who offended the Sudanese Muslims with the blasphemous teddy bear named Muhammad, does not offer any more apologies to the Sudanese or anyone else in the radical Muslim world.

What kind of world do we live in where almost anything is considered offensive by anyone who is thin-skinned enough to take offense over something as innocuous as a teddy bear.

The Muslim world has its own version of Mickey Mouse called Farfur, who teaches the importance of daily prayer. Where is the outrage from the Western culture?

I realize that the reactions to Muhammad the teddy bear were sparked by a few fanatic clerics who took advantage of the ignorant masses, and that Islam like many other religions has its honorable aspects as well as its radical side. But the world is becoming fatigued by the incessant demands to constrain what a few are calling offensive and blasphemous - and the insistence of forcing their beliefs on the rest of us.

If we were to convey Christianity to the extreme that we see by radical Islam as reported in the news, then anyone who celebrates Christmas using the iconic Santa Claus would be guilty of offending Christians. And Christmas by its very nature should be offensive to anyone else who does not believe in Christ or the celebration of Christmas.

At least in this country people are free to believe in whatever they choose no matter how inane or extreme it may seem. We simply don't put people in prison, flog them or execute them for insulting one's religion."

I would suggest an out an out email protest campaign and a process to sue the paper and arrest the writer for the vicious and libelous attack on Muslims.

ChenZhen said...

The Totten/LGF thing is a weird dynamic. Not sure what to make of it, really. Totten links to LGF on his site, yet I'm sure he'd have nothing to do with the Koran-dunking cheerleaders that inhabit the place. I'm guessing that we can be fairly confident that Totten knows more about what really is going on in Iraq more than all the lizards put together, so when he says "gigantic fuckup", I'd definitely put some stock in that. However, the sentiment seems to imply a mistake made with the best of intentions (to which I would disagree to a significant extent). Anyway, it's a disconnect that I featured on my blog a bit ago:
My 1½ Years At LGF, Part III: Gaping Disconnect On The Iraq War

The Sphinx said...

That's right Tex Taylor, why counter my argument and try to prove me wrong, when you can just write me off as an American-hater instead? That always works swimmingly for you, unfortunately at great cost of your credibility.

There's a word of wisdom among students here in Germany: "Und wenn man keine Ahnung hat, einfach mal die Fresse halten"
Translation in the line of: "And if you have no idea, just shut the hell up"

Anonymous said...

Actually the irony is that with the current success in Iraq, Johnson seems to be running out of news, hence his intifadah against Vlaams Belang, Fjordman, GoV, 1389, etc. etc. etc., and his obsession with Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

Also, I suspect that with Sarkozy in France and Merkel in Germany, he doesn't quite know what to do now that the hostile regimes of Chirac and Schroeder are gone.

You know... it's almost as if he... needs hatred or something.

V said...

"Johnson seems to be running out of news"

No, he isn't. 2008 is an election year... so the Republican disinformation machine of which he is such an integral part is even now shifting into high gear.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that he has any "strategic" purpose left. Most of his time these days seems to be taken up with whining about bad things that all those meanies on the internet say about him, whether they be Belgians, Pammycakes, Ed Mahmoud the Fat Sexually-Confused Weatherspammer and the other delightful folks at GCP, or Howard Kurtz.

And the remainder of the content is whining about Ron Paul when his fans respond to his previous whinings about Ron Paul.

watcher said...

The quick assumption is that I'm republican. huh. I m not even American.

the Sphinx want proof for their pro-terror apologies and stories, well just browse lgfwatch and browse your own comments Sphinx. You claim you are a good muslim, yet you spent most of your times teaching westerners how not to "misunderstand" Islam, on the other hand you show no effort in convincing your fellow Muslims to understand western culture and to respect other cultures. Write one article at least that tell Muslims that Jihad against innocent civilians is wrong, and must be punished, or tell them that cutting hands, whipping backs, stoning is cruel and torture.

Other than you simply jump in to defend any anti-terror effort, same as what lgfwatch, not that I disagree with everything here. I agree with some stuffs which look legitimate, but not most of the stories, like ones that defend the crazy Iranian government.


Dunking the quran is freedom of speech by the way, also dunking the bible or Torah or any other "holy" book. I misunderstood liberals sometimes I thought they are about liberty, free expression and secularism.

No religion shall be on top of our heads, keep your religions for yourselves . Islam is no exception. we have the right to refuse, ridicule, and judge Islam. It is ignorance to call that racism.

MJ said...

I agree with some stuffs which look legitimate, but not most of the stories, like ones that defend the crazy Iranian government.

..provide a link to a single article defending the Iranian regime and win a prize!!

Otherwise go and bother another blog with your strawman fallacies.

Lex said...

Oh, honestly, the main reason for support of Bush's broken-record desire to invade Iraq started with opposition to those on the supposed "left" who opposed it. When first advocated, callers to the stock right-wing radio shows (other than Rush, I cannot bear that boredom) were not in favor, and I'm sure I could find links online. Even Ann Coulter was speaking against it to crowds after the iintial "Shock & Awe" campaign. My apologies for only getting video of her chain smoking before the speech.

Support continued only due to opposition here. There is NOTHING on the MSM about the War here in the US other than on the ticker. Night after night there are stories about the "Hill-a-copter" and people Christmas shopping, but oddly no stories on a war that the current admin. started.

Watcher, I'm an "American friend of Sphinx", and I consider myself to be rather patriotic and to love this country.

Here's a Google search for anyone interested in some of the origins for the Iraq War: "General 'Rifle' Mike DeLong". I'll find more specific links in a while, but anyone who thinks that this war was concocted merely by Bush is fooling themselves. I'm not usually given to "conspiracy theory" type of rhetoric, but I've met many of the players, enough at least to know that We the People are NOT in charge here, something CJ would do well to remember to pass on to his commenters.

Lex said...

Wow, speaking of obsession, you guys weren't kidding. I've been ill for a few days and haven't logged on, but the entire front page is practically Ron Paul-obsessive madness. But look at the poll results!

I wonder if Johnson realizes how much support he is actually getting for Paul....actually, even my dear little troll Sodra Djavul now is expressing the desire to vote for Paul and admitting that if Paul were to win it'd be priceless just to see the look on Johnson's face (Comments at GoV). Of course, Sodra is obsessed with Johnson, who is obsessed in turn, and it's all an amusingly ugly chain, I must admit.

I'm still all for Carl Hiaasen's Clint "Skink" Tyree, even if he is fictional.

Anonymous said...

You claim you are a good muslim, yet you spent most of your times teaching westerners how not to "misunderstand" Islam

This totally cracks me up.

Tex Taylor said...

The Sphinxzzzz says: That always works swimmingly for you, unfortunately at great cost of your credibility.

LOL. Quid pro quo; credibility is not a word I equate with a American hating, ROP libber Sphinx. Tell me about all your American friends again. It makes me feel warm all over...

Lex said...

Tex--oh, please keep making Americans look so wonderful. You are doing a world of good here. Are you even from Texas? You're not making Texans look any better either, though I'm aware that most Texans of the idiot variety throw in some form of Texan identification in their names (aside from W., in his case saying nuk-u-lar suffices).

Must really stick in their craw that Galveston Texas was one major point of entry for immigrants, many of whom settled in Texas, in the early part of the 20th Century. Darn those immigrants and their weird religions (My late Father once visited his Dad's family back in Texas and was asked at a local pool during the drive out there if he was a black person--typically of my Dad, he just looked at them like they were nutcases, he grew up in a majority Greek town in Florida.) That had to be late '50s, and the newest crop just seem to be transferring racial hatreds to anyone they can find. And not just in Texas.

That said, God Bless the Butthole Surfers!

Tex Taylor said...


How you can get racism out of my last post is beyond me. However, I've noticed libs love to play the race card - even when they're playing pickup basketball, paying bills, or cleaning out the refrigerator.

If you want to diss the entire state of Texas, that's okay by me. Just remember some of your buddies have called Texas home:

Shelia Jackson Lee - so well liked Continental Airlines won't let her fly

Ann Richardson - such a drunk, it was an weekly even to visit 6th Street in Austin to watch her stagger back to the capital

Molly Ivins - so well liked, her home town disowned her. Now that she's passed, she understands George Bush wasn't the cause of all the earth's ills. She's still complaining of the heat.

Satan always blesses you lefties...

Tex Taylor said...

Hey Lex,

I just looked at your profile. Pretty and your profile cross a bunch of boundaries - almost undefined.

You look like a cross between Bill Murray and Captain Ahab.

V said...

tex: you are aware that Lex is a woman, right?

Also, I'm afraid you're not doing yourself any favors when you misspell the names of two of the three "evil" Texans on your list.

Tex Taylor said...

{snort} So I did. Not names I type often there V; in fact, probably a first. Strange thing was I probably got the one that is more often typed incorrectly. Not sure why I added the "son" on Richards. Maybe I was with her on 6th street during those escapades or it might be I'm not striving for accuracy when I venture here. Trust me. For the pedantic types, please excuse me.

Lex a girl? Doesn't read like the type you would want to bring home to mom either. No, I am not familiar with a soul on this site V. No offense, just that I find the Watch type irrelevant - almost as irrelevant as I find C.J. (but not quite). Did this post reach the level of acceptance for syntactic interpretation and linguistic accuracy or should I continue to stretch for the level of lefist academician?