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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pajama Fantasies

Here's an open thread for y'all to discuss the earth-shattering news that Charles Johnson has quit/been booted off the management of Pajamas media.

Did his slimyness finally become too much for PJ's commercial partners? Or was it the other way round: Charles jumping ship before it goes under?

Insider comments welcome!

UPDATE: Dennis The Peasant has some thoughts on the issue (surprise, suprise!).


The Sphinx said...

I think judging by Chuckles' behaviour in the past few weeks, I'd say he's jumping the ship. Somehow he's just become hysterical in his crusade against the supremacist groups that used to be in his same boat in the past, that every time he posts about them, he has to post dozens of links at the end of the thread, as a drastic measure to save whatever is left of his credibility.

Either that, or he just refers to symbols, and nothing more.

And now for your daily fix of laughter:

#11 Sharmuta

"Teaching children hate. What is this reminding me of?

Oh, I remember! It reminds me of the very people vb claims to oppose."

Teaching children hate. What is this reminding me of?

Oh, I remember! It reminds me of MandyManners and.. Yes you guess it: Sharmuta!

#58 MandyManners

"I've already started teaching the kid that Islam is evil."

#59 Sharmuta

"58 MandyManners

Most excellent! You're a good mother."

Well Sharm, you're great at being snarky, but at logical consistency, you FAIL.

Richard said...

Lawdie, lawdie this is great news. The only better news would be the demise of PJM which will come soon enough.

I want a show of hands. How many of us believe that the separation was "amicable" as the 2-faced Charles claims? Clearly, he wasn't pulling his weight. What that involves would be interetesting to know.

Did you ask Dennis the Peasant about this btw? He seems to be most in the know about these things.

Anonymous said...

Richard -

Dennis The Peasant has posted on this.

Anonymous said...

Charles always has been a bit of an embarrassment to the right wing. Kind of the lunatic fringe -- if you need proof, just read Sphinx's post about Sharmuta and Manny Manners. It's sickening but a great example of what mindset Charles promotes. (Well done, Sphinx!)

Michelle Malkin is way better and more respectable as far as the conservative blogosphere goes.

I wish I could say LGF's days are numbered but, sadly, he's like an annoying cocklebur that just won't let go.

Red Tulips said...


Wait a second. Symbols have meaning. Would you have any doubt what the Nazi symbol means? Why do you then doubt the white power symbol?

Are you actually saying you do not believe there is a problem with Vlaams Belang? I can assure you that you would be mistaken, if that is what you think.

Kashmiri Nomad said...

I just thought I would inform you that "Sharmuta" is the Egyptian colloquial Arabic for prostitute.

Personally I find it a funny name to call oneself.

The Sphinx said...

RT, surprises me that you considered I'd be thinking that Vlaams Belang isn't a problem.

What I was implying was that in Charles' desperate attempt to appear decent for once in a while, he posts something that has next to no significance. We all know what these symbols mean, and that those people are white supremacists, so the post is just as productive and expressive as: "Oh look, this is a tree".

My point couldn't be described better though than how this fellow right here put it:

#19 Fencesitter

For someone who just doesn't think it's wise to ally with the VB, CJ seems to delight in beating the issue into a bloody pulp.

No wonder the guy got such a low rating!

Don't understand me wrong, in fact, I find it positive that they're doing this (Read this), but the way they used to be affiliated with these groups and only changed heart when Charles told them to is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Now that France is cool again, Belgium is officially the Enemy of the Day...


the only thing i will miss from beligium [sic] is CHEMAY ALE

V said...

He didn't spell "Chimay" correctly, either.

Red Tulips said...


What I was implying was that in Charles' desperate attempt to appear decent for once in a while, he posts something that has next to no significance.

That is where you are wrong. This symbol has as much significance as the swastika. It is not made up. I am not sure why you find that so hard to grasp.

Anonymous said...


You're the one who's not getting it. The Sphinx is saying that obsessing over the Odin's Cross symbol is a bit superfluous as it's pretty obvious to everyone involved in European and American anti-Fascist circles that VB are a fascist organisation with close links to the extreme right.

In other words if your going to go after the Nazis go after them with gusto, expose their links to 'respectable' politicians and media.

For instance if you're going after Ron Paul banging on about articles on Stormfront supporting him are pretty pointless...dig up some Nazis who fund him and you've got a different article.

Lex said...

KN--I was wondering when someone would bring that up...She doesn't like me. You see, it wasn't nice of me to say that Muslims are not all evil and monolithic, all standing ready to crush us all. Wow. I grew up.

Wish I had "inside info", but all I've ever heard is that being in PJM is sort of like being in the early Hollywood star system. Trapped, no money in it, can't wait to get out, blah, blah, blah. They get the money sort of thing. But then, that info is pretty much everywhere by now.

Nick said...

I see they're still having a blog war over the Celtic cross/Odin's Cross. Seems to me that they're missing something.

If GoV's point is that Vlaams are wearing Celtic crosses rather than neo-Nazi Odin's crosses, then why are they wearing Celtic crosses?

The Flemish are 'Teutons', the Walloons are the 'celts' although the true 'Celtic' nations/areas are Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall and Brittany.

Why are a fascist Flemish separist party proud of a symbol that has more to do with Walloons? Or could it be that it's not a Celtic cross?

Lex said...

Because it's not a Celtic Cross. The symbol has much meaning to many groups of people dating back thousands of years. Saying that it is the Celtic variety of cross is trying to whitewash (no pun intended) the issue. It's a symbol of Germanic heritage and pride, and even those whose area of study is of aspects of Germanic history and culture are sickened by the association with Nazis and neo-Nazis that has tainted this historical symbol. I'm a geek enough to be on enough linguistics boards regarding Comparative Germanic Linguistics and this is frequently a bone of contention.

I've failed to bring it up anywhere else because, well, because the lizards hate me for posting here, Gates of Vienna hate me for mocking the hell out of them (as they deserve), and I'm about to just tell them all to go "elf themselves". In other words, my info falls on deaf ears at either site.

Actually, I think I will elf them. They'd all look good dancing around...LOL. That can be the 4th face, the darned Odin's Cross. I was going to do a mock post about them being after my Church (if you look at the entrance with the Celtic Cross, the features that distinguish it as Celtic as opposed to the more rounded off "Sun" or "Odin" Cross blend in quite a bit.

Sadly, these idiots think I'm obsessed with them rather than finding them at times amusing enough to post about. And the main reason I even remember to check GoV is due to all of the referral URLs in my Site Meter from them. Ahh, if only I cared about traffic as much as other bloggers, I'd be doing pretty OK lately! LOL

Lex said...

Ok, I couldn't help myself. I elfed them all.

Nick said...


the point is the argument that GoV are making....if they're on the Celtic Cross bandwagon then why are a Flemish party using it unless it's a 'white power' symbol. It surely isn't to show solidarity with the Walloon Celts?

ChenZhen said...

It looks like this one slipped past you guys, so I thought I'd point out that on the Omaha mall shooting thread, it took less than 4 minutes for the lizards to start with the SJS (sudden jihadi syndrome) accusations flying around. This is phenomenon that is fairly unique to LGF I think. Sure, there is someone gunned down somewhere in America every day, but if it turns out to be a Muslim that pulled the trigger, well, you heard it there first.

Anonymous said...

Charles has sown the wind...

...and now he is reaping the whirlwind.

The man who made his online career out of "the war on terror", is now accused of being soft on terror.

Lex said...

nick--the point GoV is making is that Baron Bodissey is an ego-maniacal little ass with delusions of grandeur. Well, that and completely obsessed with slights to his ego. Any "points" being made at GoV have less to do with the issues at hand than with an obsessive grudge against Charles Johnson for criticizing Baron's "Center for Vigilant Freedom" and their "Brussels summit". The now-banned LGFers are adding that grudge onto Baron and Dymphna's and turning their blog into some rather amusing comedy.

Otherwise, they are just harping on minutiae and absurd claims that LGF is a liberal site.