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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Charles Johnson: Comedy genius

This is just classic Chuckles, from start to finish.

Remember when the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz labeled LGF commenters as “vile,” suggesting that blog comments need better policing?

“Hypocrisy” doesn’t even begin to describe Kurtz’s article.
Somebody like Charles Johnson should really be careful about throwing the word "hypocrisy" around. For Johnson to even touch on the subject of policing blog comments is on shaky ground. I wonder how many other blogs have had phone calls from the Feds regarding death threats made on their site? I wonder how many blogs where bigotry and racism are so prevalent (as long as it's against Muslims and Arabs). I wonder how many blogs have had to change the blog comment search system so difficult to make it harder to shine a light on them?

Charles Johnson is a class 'A' hypocrite and blogging's most consistent clown.


The Sphinx said...

Clown is good, though his sad attempts at alternative journalism are treacherous :

"A new study by Germany’s Interior Ministry says there are currently 180,000 Muslims in Germany who support violence in the name of Islam: Germany: The Tiny Minority In Figures"

What an utter pile of trash. If you look at the article that published this story, you'll notice that Chuckles failed to mention this:

"However, the authors concluded that the vast majority of Muslims in Germany reject religiously motivated terrorism and violence: Some 92 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that terrorist acts in the name of Islam were a serious sin and an insult to Allah."

92 percent of those who were surveyed. That's rather significant, isn't it? Well not for LGF it isn't.

Leaving this point aside, let's demolish this post from another point: Chuckie said there were 180'000 who supported violence. Nowhere in the article does this number appear. In fact:

"In concluding that 6 percent of Muslims in Germany have violent tendencies, the study appears to contradict to some extent the findings of Germany's domestic intelligence agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which monitors Islamist activity in the country. According to its 2006 report, there are currently around 32,000 Islamists in Germany who pose a potential security threat. That figure represents slightly more than 1 percent of the around 3 million Muslims who live in the country."

So who knows better, a Californian d00d sitting in California, or the German intelligence agency which is maintaining a very close look at the Muslim population?

And while we're at it..

The survey found that more than half of the respondents felt themselves excluded from German society and felt they were treated as foreigners. Around 20 percent had experienced some form of racism within the last 12 months.

But that's not in Charles' interest to publish, so he just didn't.

Anonymous said...

Johnson's whining is all the more hilarious in light of what Howard Kurtz actually wrote the article to which Charles linked in his previous post:

No corner of the Net is safe from this bile. The Washington Post’s Web site has been grappling with a surge in offensive and incendiary comments.

The really gruesome stuff represents a tiny minority of those online. But is there a way of policing the worst stuff without shutting down robust debate?

The comments about Cheney at the Huffington Post included: “You can’t kill pure evil.” “If at first you don’t succeed . . . ” “Dr. Evil escapes again . . . damn.” Founder Arianna Huffington wrote that “no one at HuffPost is defending these comments — they are unacceptable and were treated as such by being removed.”

The comments about Mohammed and Carter at Little Green Footballs included: “Can we furlough him — just so he can realize the Carter plot? Please?” and “Even this schmuck had some good ideas.”

The site’s founder, Charles Johnson, wrote on Little Green Footballs that such comments “reflect only the opinions of the individuals who posted them” and doubted that they “rise to the level of hatred that showed up in Arianna’s readers’ Cheney-related comments.”

Some conservatives and liberals seized on the incidents to denounce the other side, but no conclusions should be drawn from wackjobs on the fringe.

Anonymous said...

From the irony-challenged comments:

#6 OldLineTexan 12/19/07 2:23:06 pm

Projection is a bitch.