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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


While perusing the LGF front page earlier today, our eagle eye noticed that a person referring to him- or herself as "Bottehond" had posted a comment. This piqued our interest, what with "Bottehond" being a Dutch word and all (literal translation: "Bone Dog"), so we did a bit of digging.

And found this -- a pro-Vlaams-Belang article posted on a website to which a person referring to him- or herself as "Bottehond" also contributes.

It's unknown whether these two "Bottehonden" are one and the same, but be that as it may, we thought you might enjoy reading an excerpt, hastily translated from the Dutch, from the aforementioned article:

People of European descent who draw the Celtic cross or have a picture of it are, in [Charles] Johnson's eyes, filthy "racists." People who state that Europe was white and must stay white are, in Johnson's eyes, nothing more and nothing less than direct descendants of Adolf Hitler. People who believe that their fathers and grandfathers were wrong in supporting or ignoring the goals of the aforementioned Adolf Hitler, but who nonetheless honor these fathers and grandfathers because they did what they did for their people, for their religion, for their traditions, for Flemish independence -- that is something Johnson has never heard of, nor does he want to.

Charles Johnson sees the world in black and white; there is only absolute good and absolute evil. Johnson is never wrong and can never treat the enemy of his enemy as a friend. Johnson lives in a country whose original inhabitants were wiped from the map and has no problem with such a scenario repeating itself in other countries. Johnson dislikes symbols, and especially crosses, even though these fit in well with his hatred of Islam. Johnson can't deal with political incorrectness, even though it fits in well with his own form of political correctness. Johnson believes that the entire world should be like his dream vision of the United States: multiracial, but free of Islamists; with freedom of opinion, but not for those who disagree with him; multicultural, but with no room for other modes of thought besides his own economic and ethical liberalism and his atheism.

It goes on for quite a bit, but you get the idea.

Memo to Charles: adding hundreds of new "hatchlings" per day in a desperate attempt to boost your traffic rankings is a swell idea, but do you really know who they are?


Lex said...

OK, should it be GoV Vs. LGF Watch or GoV Vs. The World Watch?

This is just too much! I laughed, I cried, I "dropped the f bomb", I wonder what will be stranger, Mike Huckabee debating tonight (U.S.) or the comments thread there!

Admit it, this monster has spawned another monster.

ChenZhen said...

Open registration threads? Yea, been there. Lemme guess, a lot of tough talk about bashing trolls that never seem to show up, and Sharmuta standing at the gate handing out lei as if it were Fantasy Island or something.

bottehond said...

I didn't write that article, it was written by Björn Roose, who is a member of Vlaams Belang. I did write some articles on the Fjordman-LGF controversy on though. The thoughts expressed in Björn article do not reflect mine. Someone pointed out on LGF someone over here suggested I might be a racist or a neo- nazi. Well: here I am, let's get it out in the open. Who calls me a neo- nazi? Hmm? BTW: bottehond means blunt dog.

V said...

"I didn't write that article"

I never said you did.

"Who calls me a neo- nazi?"

No one. But if you sympathize, however mildly, with the aims or policies of Vlaams Belang, then you're automatically suspect in Charles' book and are at risk of being "purged." Especially since you've now posted a comment here.

"bottehond means blunt dog"

Thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

Bottehond is a famous racist from the Netherlands, he is known for posting racially hatred nonsense on
Go check that out and see what you thought.

bottehond said...


Is that so? Than you must be one of those who would call Blair a racist, or Sarkozy, or.... euhm.... everybody but you and your so called "anti- fascist" friends, right...
Remember what Churchill said on the fascists of the future calling themselves anti- fascists. You have got nothing to underline your cheap allegation. You know why? Because there is nothing you can come up with. Ah, wait: islam-watchers are actually islamophobic crypto- fascists, right? Don't talk to me about race. Since when is the deathcult a race? Silly you.