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Monday, November 26, 2007

GOP in neo-Nazi shock!

Yet another institution near and dear to Charles Johnson, viz. the Republican Party, has been revealed as a haven for neo-Nazis. The fascist loon in question is one J.T. Ready, who is a Republican Precinct Committeeman in Maricopa County, Arizona. Notes a puckish local commentator who refers to himself as "the Bird":

So look who's got a neo-Nazi in the woodpile: the Maricopa County Republican Party. This plumed penman first sniffed a whiff of National Socialism in local GOP ranks when The Bird was forwarded an e-mail signed by the Ernst Roehm of the East Valley, J.T. Ready, in which the turd-Reicher mentioned he's a Republican Precinct Committeeman.

... A call to campaign finance director Kristi Passarelli at Maricopa County Elections confirmed Ready was telling the truth about his PC-ship. Passarelli informed this pelican that Ready was elected in 2006 from precinct 529, also known as Mesa 67. There were two slots open for Republicans, but Ready was the only one on the ballot in that primary. He received 36 votes.

Local Republican bigwigs have vowed to unseat Ready at the next election, but the damage is done. Incidentally, Ready is also a prominent member of the Minutemen, a group of tubby vigilantes patriotic border-defenders who have also received the LGF seal of approval.

Surely Charles, having assumed the mantle of Defender of Respectable Anti-Muslim Zealotry Against Those Who Might Give It a Bad Name, will be keen to disassociate himself and his Party from such disreputable characters.


The Sphinx said...

For your daily fix of laughter:

Go here

Sit back and read comments #2, #4, #6, #7, #14, #17, #19, #36, #38, #44, #54 ( <- my personal favourite), #58, #71, #77, #82, ..

I think that's about enough for now

Lex said...

Sphinx--Oh, there's plenty more laughter than that, just not at LGF necessarily. BTW, did you catch Sharmuta and Highrise's dramatic attempt to post comments in which I have discussed things amicably with you here to prove that I'm not anti-Muslim? As if I hadn't said it enough times in plain sight on my own blog? I guess they thought it'd bother me. I'm sure that you are used to your share of insults already from those folks and it doesn't matter to you either.

Still, it's funny when they get all worked up thinking they've caught someone at something. Just look at GOV lately. Now they're accusing everyone of being racist and then mocking anyone defending themselves. Yet they don't seem to realize that a bunch of racists posting accusations of racism is just rather melodramatically humorous.

Ahh well, I'm dreadful enough to associate with a "stalker" like you Sphinx, so now I guess you're stuck with me...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Islamists are active nazis too, and they already doing terror around the world and already up for their campaign to kill non-muslims, terrorize muslims and impose their sharia. so how is it nice when a democrat or even a republican apologize for islamists? aren't that should put his/her own party in embarrassment ?

and we know there are a lot of islamists and ahmedinejad apologists, we can see them here on this blog , guilty by association only work when you agree with it, uh?

Anonymous said...

What on earth is an Ahmedinejad apologist?!
Explain yourself.

Is it someone who says invading Iran and killing loads of people a bad idea?

and whereabouts in the world is Sharia law about to be imposed? I missed the memo on that one.