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Saturday, November 17, 2007

American Hedonist

The spat between Charles Johnson and Paul Belien is just getting more surreal by the day. Quote of the day today has to go to Paul Belien.

...while Charles Johnson (PBUH) is an American hedonist??
All because Charles caught Brussels Journal linking to an anti-Semitic website. Bizarre.


The Sphinx said...

Aren't they just adorable..

Lex said...

Well, somewhere back there (please don't ask me to find it again in the mangle of threads at LGF), Charles did actually leave a comment in regards to the forced deportation of Euro Muslims scheme that gave me hope and ran off several of his readers, I'm sure.

He brought up something that most people in the "counter-jihadi blogosphere" will almost never admit to: the INNOCENT Muslims who are not terrorists, and how they should not be made to suffer. I'm the one usually leaving that comment at LGF, but the dehumanization of Muslims as some monolithic group seems to be vanishing in some areas. Unfortunately, something as basically humane as not dehumanizing Muslims has brought on the current rift, which on the bright side at least has shown just how genocidal certain folks are.

Somewhere out there Darth Whoever is begging people to stay on the Dark Side.

The Sphinx said...

Lex, check out George Galloway speaking about the Glasgow airport incident. He addresses your point in the end of the video. Quite interesting..

Anonymous said...

I think Charles Johnson is becoming more and more exhausted of all the hate around him. He's probably coming to the realization that the people he is being associated with are outright bad for their beliefs which resemble that of past dictators. In some cases they emulate that of past dictators (his ex-neo-nazi friends.

He's probably also coming to the bitter realization that those who outright disagree on his non-relenting hatred of Muslims are more or less like him in the sense he outright disagrees with those who are intolerant of jews.

In the end though I think he's just reaching his ends, after all that hating, all that association with skinheads and whoever else is probably beginning to wear him down.

Will he stop or at least change his policies? Probably not, he's got his pride, his income and himself to worry about.

Lex said...

Sphinx--yes, I've not heard him before, but I did check that out. I agree fully, especially on his points about the IRA and "doing the terrorists' job for them" through pursuing certain policies. It does interest me as well as certain Muslim friends who are not "white" how much more we are scrutinized in public every time there is a terrorist incident anywhere. When I am in Florida, I admittedly feel safer in my skin than when in the Midwest, where during the winter I can't stand for my head to be uncovered and have been approached many times by people asking if I am a Muslim. Usually, they mean well, actually, which gives me hope that at least some people are going up to people that they even think are Muslim to announce that they do not hold Muslims accountable. It is a strange phenomenon though, and I do not envy your position as being in a country where there is less diversity amongst the "immigrant population".

The idea of Muslims as a monolithic group in any country must be refuted at all turns. I'm being argued down on LGF at present due to that position, but to take Galloway's point on the Irish a bit further, this essential point must be understood. Every group unknown to Americans has been treated this way by those who fear immigrants, this is no different. What is different is the immediacy of the dissemination of opinions and video footage, hence the need for such sites as this to counter-balance these effects.

When the history of our era is written in the far future, the role of the media will be a key issue I am sure, even if not discussed heavily at present.

Anonymous said...

agreed, attacked from all sides.

Anonymous said...

Go to

Click the "Ecosystem" -

Review - lgf is # 4 . Click word "details" on lgf entry

see traffic stats

The Sphinx said...

Anonymous @2:10, now that's pretty darn interesting. I wonder if their stat meter is somehow malfunctioning, or whether there's really something fishy going on.

Because it is statistically impossible to have exactly 103,836 daily hits for a straight month.

Anonymous said...

The Sphinx,
it is average, more over look alexa and write the lgf url, come on alexa can't be in the conspiracy right?

Lex said...

I just wish someone would label me as "an American Hedonist". I mean, CJ may have more traffic than my blog, but am I any less worthy? Just makes a girl feel left out. sigh

The Sphinx said...

Well if you look at the other sites, e.g. Michelle Malkin's blog, you'll see a natural day-to-day statistic of all the hits. So either Charles' counter is bust, or it's not showing all the details.