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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One post in defense of CJ

These are the kind of idiots Charles Johnson is arguing against.

I must say that he's right to point and laugh at these people.

The Gates of Vienna is a fascist cesspool.

Hell, let’s win first… then we’ll worry about who had the high moral ground later.
So that's a hearty endorsement for joining the neo-Nazi anti-Muslim cause then? Do we even have to quote Martin Niemoller here?

Hat tip: Lex


Dymphna said...

Thanks for the link to our cesspool, and to dear Lex/ Pim's Gost/ Charles Martel -- in her various disguises -- for the linky love.

Why do you enable comment moderation? I've always been intrigued by people who find it necessary to muse over the leavings before they let others view them.

Are you afraid someone might say something you disagree with? Or is discretion simply the better part of valor?

Anyway, have fun at your quest and thanks for the traffic. It drives up revenues for us so I'm indebted to you.



MJ said...

'wingers have the hilarious trait of posting porno links....

hence the moderation.

Have a nice time with your neo-Nazi friends.

V said...

We have to moderate comments because otherwise we'd be inundated with obscene, violent spam. It has happened before. Repeatedly.

The most cursory browse through our comments section will reveal that we're not at all reluctant to approve comments that we disagree with.

And mazel tov for your traffic bump, but as any of our stalkers will tell you, this blog doesn't attract enough traffic to form a minyan. But you're welcome anyway. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Dymphna follows the links and tries to debunk exactly NONE of the links to the neo-Nazi right.

Class act.

Dymphna said...


I most certainly will have a good time with my nazi friends. We're having a weenie roast...

oh, dear...does that count as obscene? I mean, I can't tell you *whose* weenie or it might cause trouble.


I am sincerely sorry to hear that you're inundated with cesspool material. I assure you it's no one from my sewage pit. We're too boring.

Every little bit of traffic helps, you know. It adds up, kinda like compound interest.

Now, no doubt, some lizardoid will be breathlessly telling the rest I've been here and talkd to the unwashed. And mentioned body parts.

Like Lex, they may be "freaked" by my words. Then *you'll* get a 'lanche.


Anonymous said...

dymphna -- you're not doing yourself or your cause any favors with these posts. Can't you do any better?

Dymphna said...


You mean *my* links to the neo-Nazi right? Why would I debunk those, for heaven's sake. My heroes.

Now, links to the neo-Nazi left...that would be a horse of a different smell...

As we know, my act is 4th class, media rate. Slow boat.

ChenZhen said...

I haven't been following this anti-idiotarian pillow fight too closely, but was it you LGFWers that tipped CJ off to these guys?

If we assume that Johnson read at least one of the three emails, he knew in advance - possibly by over three months - of Vlaams Belang’s involvement. (That involvement consisted of providing the same routine access to secure Parliament meeting rooms that all non-governmental citizens groups have on a “space-available” basis. ) He raised no concerns about their involvement until after the conference. We cannot read his mind, only his statements and actions. He has, in the past, corresponded by email with Baron Bodissey, who sent the invitations. He chose not to act for three months; and then he did choose to act.

If so, shouldn't you get a "hat tip"? lol

Lex said...

HAHA! And the mad queen leaves the first comment. Classic. She's quite keen on the reminder that the increase in traffic is making them money. Also, for someone who deletes comments, I doubt that the moderation should confound her.

As for my "disguises", dear sane folks here, I changed my blogger display name and after a while stopped signing that I was formerly "Pim's Ghost". "Charles Martel" is in my blog title, but I might change it to "Chuck". I've seen a commenter called "Charles Martel", but it's the bloody anti-jihadi blogs. There are a million variations on "Charles Martel" and "John/Jan Sobieski". Not me.

Listen, I am contrite about what I ever used to write. I am sincere about asking for apologies. I now seek to set that right. Otherwise, I would have multiple accounts and would have deleted my blog instead of leaving it up in its current penitent form.

Sites like THIS one are doing the right thing, and that can be taken as how I truly feel about it. GOV is advocating genocide, so, well, I don't think I need elaborate on what "the wrong thing" is.

--Lex, the ghost of Pim's Ghost, never Charles Martel

P.S. no, she can't do any better. But her email impressions of Glinda the Good Witch are amusing as all hell.

V said...

@ChenZhen: Well, there's five hours of my life I'll never get back. (Kidding! I couldn't be bothered to slog through the whole thing. They are a defensive lot, aren't they?)

We'll never know whether Charles' doubts regarding VB had their genesis in this blog, but we've been posting about them since early 2006.

Alexis said...

Since you have linked to a "cesspool", I presume you have read all the comments in your link.

Would you have any disagreements with the "fourteen reasons" to oppose Islamism (or Islamofascism, or oriental despotism in Islamic guise)? These reasons are also intended to be neutral criteria, a yardstick if you will, to ascertain whether someone ought to be an ally or not. The more an "ally" acts just like al-Qaeda, Hamas, or Hezbollah (or the Saudi royal family...), the less willing one should be to ally with him.

When Charles Johnson makes accusations of racism, one can either assume that his accusations are baseless (consider the source) or get the feeling of watching the Ku Klux Klan burn a cross on Father Coughlin's lawn. In any case, it is a spectacle. Although there are disagreements over the veracity and relevance of Charles Johnson's accusations, his hypocrisy is stunning.

For example, if Charles Johnson is correct that it is a serious mistake to make affiliations with people who have disturbing connections and a shady past, the Republican National Committee would do well to stop linking to Little Green Footballs. After all, this guy is making enemies left, right, and center, and doesn't know when to stop digging holes for himself. He is a political liability. I wasn't kidding when I wrote that Charles Johnson makes neo-conservatism look bad, although I will admit that I caused a quite stir at the Gates of Vienna blog when I wrote that.

I regard it as rather interesting that Charles Johnson thinks he can don the mantle of a prophet and assume powers of excommunication over all of those who oppose al-Qaeda, as if opposing al-Qaeda were only about Charles Johnson. The illusion of power has gone to his head. Moreover, he is unwittingly doing the European far-right parties a huge favor because criticizing him makes them look more respectable.

I roundly disagree with the Texan commenter you quote (and you can read my disagreements with him on the Gates of Vienna blog). I think it is possible to combine the wisdom of not keeping a bunch of pet gila monsters in one's house and the wisdom of keeping a cat that actually catches mice.

The rats were devouring the house, but instead of examining the cat's teeth and claws, they only concerned themselves to find out if it was a holy cat. If it was a pious cat, a moral cat, all right, never mind about the other capacities, they were of no consequence.

-- Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Mark Twain

Ahmed said...

It's funny how those who hate end up hating each other when hating the same old thing starts getting boring.

Anonymous said...

Just to point out, I never have any comment rejected on this site. so they put moderation or not, that's their option to avoid spammers and threats or other troubles. just like on LGF there are restrictions on registration . I disagree on most of things on this site and I actually disagree with the idea of this site totally.

however, I must admit I respect their attitude of allowing comments and our disagreements to be posted here.

I d like to see Left and Right America (not far left and far right) to be united and be closer for sake of the world and the US. so keep up the good work. like this article, makes you feel that hope.


Dymphna said...

poor lex--

I won't mention her again as to prevent further problems. However, it is one of those unfortunate mazes and I was attempting to hang onto the red string whilst finding my way to the door.

First, I noticed someone named "Lex" leaving bombs in a comment thread on our blog. Didn't think too much of it. As long as people don't swear and attack, they are pretty much on their own.

Then later, at LGF, I saw another Lex linking to the same post and saying s/he was "freaked out" by it. Not freaked out enough to run, as s/he stayed for a number of comments.

So I looked at the commenters profile, and quelle surprise! It was Pim's Ghost/Charles Martel/now morphed into a new entity named "Lex."

Third incident: I saw a link from lgfwatch in the sitemeter, and I was curious about what prompted you to link to our cesspool. What grime had we committed that was enough to actually deserve notice. So I came over and there she was, sitting in the hat tip: "Lex."

That girl sure does get around. First she drops her opinions in our comments, then she goes to LGF to point our how freaked she was and links to our cesspool, and from there she comes over here to give you a hat tip, hoping someone will give this momentous occasion the full focus of hysteria she seems to think it deserves.

That must be some pair of roller skates, cause that girl gets around.

Oh, and I believe it was she who claimed we deleted her comments. We don't delete comments as a rule. We do run a PG 13 site because homeschoolers read us (yeah, I know, thereby ruining their minds)so we will delete the more egregious stuff, but we then restore it with the f-bombs excised -- and an explanation to the commenter.

See, Pim's Ghost didn't always hate fact, I wasn't even aware she did. She used to comment fairly regularly, and we were supportive in trying to help her get started and generate traffic. What caused her conversion I haven't a clue, but there you go...stuff happens.

Good luck in your continued crusade against the forces of darkness. We are formidable, though, I should warn you. If anyone shows up offering you piles of money and fame and fortune, you'll know the source.

Resist mightily. We are wily beasts, we are.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm frikken confused. What a convoluted mess. Perhaps there are better things to talk about?

Sphinx, my pet, where ARE you?

Lex said...

Anon--I rather agree, actually. I guess one way to really prove that sites like this one are a positive element in the world is being followed around by someone making personal attacks for bringing to people's attention the advocacy of mass deportations of Muslims. It really did say something about CJ that these are the people he is condemning. I think the further comments rather uphold that judgment.

Anyway, pardon me for deciding that most "counter-jihadis" really are bigots, but thanks to this site among others for at least existing to show that insanity to the world. Excuse me for wanting to also expose this and for no longer believing certain 'wingnuts'. Wacky change of thought, I know. As for Dymphna's continued comments and mails, my apologies.

BTW, I do like Sphinx, where is he anyways?

The Sphinx said...

Sorry, I know this is off-topic, but I've been doing my homework lately and noticed that the perpetually changing page titles of our favourite site can be rather amusing. Behold the brown title bars and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Sphinx -- Blimey! That was pretty good.

: )

Legalize said...

Yikes, is it just me or do Dymphna's posts read like William S. Burroughs stories?

Lex said...

Legal--I knew Bill Burroughs, and she is no Bill Burroughs. That said, I do see the similarities, though I doubt she's into "shot-gun art".

Honestly, I just keep thinking Kate Bush in the white dress "Wuthering Heights" video, but with no pretense of actig like the ghost of Cathy Earnshaw.

Dymphna said...

Gee, first I'm The Mad Queen, and now I'm derivative of William Burroughs.

I love the first appellation; describes me well.

As for Burroughs, he and my father were friends in Lexington where they tried to get free of heroin addiction. Very sad and fruitless, for both.

Maybe some of it rubbed off on interesting.

"Naked Supper" would be a better title, though.

Lex said...

Not to go back to this, since it is taken so personally, but I really couldn't remember that darned story I always hated with that insane queen in it, "Alice in Wonderland", "Through the Looking Glass", whichever. I just thought it appropriate for someone calling for what amounts to genocide, since the quote I remember is "Off with their heads!". It also just ties in far too well with the chosen name of "Dymphna". Mentally ill and beheaded. Oh well. I'll not belittle Burroughs with the comparison, even though I never much liked his writings. But wow, I didn't realize that everyone knew him! I just spent my formative years in the same town where he spent his last.