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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Vandalised memories

Charles Johnson posted an item about how one war memorial to the British armed forces had been vandalised ( but didn't see fit to write about another instance of desecration. Coincindence? See if you can spot the difference between the two stories.

(hat tip TM)


spynverzyon said...

Indeed, you are correct that Charles deliberately commented on the West Sussex desecration, but ignored the "desecration" of the Gaza cemetery. Charles has a brain, and can tell the difference between these two events.

For your readers, by contrast, I'll spell it out: when IDF soldiers accidentally knock over headstones while pursuing Pali terrorists, that's an unfortunate byproduct of the measures Israel needs to take to defend itself against a cowardly enemy that takes cover in and launches rockets from mosques, civilian dwellings, schools, hospitals, and yes, the brush around cemeteries (read the article); when hatemongering skinheads in England deface memorials with fascist and anti-Semitic symbols, they are defending themselves from the threat posed by tolerance, democracy, and freedom against their sacred Nazi values and Third Reich ideology. - hey, wait! You're right: those really are the same thing!!! The only difference is that it was Jews who did that hateful thing in Gaza!! After all, everybody knows that Jews HATE British World War I cemeteries!
Charles was just favoring the Jews, as usual!

Well...never mind, then.

And please forgive me for breaking your current zero-comments streak on this mindlessly derivative and reactionary blog.

Brabanter said...

Mindlessly derivative blog?

Surely you are talking about LGF which cherry picks any and every story, which can make Muslims look bad and the poor nuclear armed Isrealis look like unfortunate victims, and allows not contrary comments.

Just admit it spynverzyon, a dead Palestinian means nothing to you, or perhaps even a cause of celebration.

Of course it's cowardly to face Apache Helicopters, and the most armored tank in the world the Merkava, with an attack that inevitably will kill the Palestinian.

In any other war he would be awarded a VC and act according to the western dictum 'dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori'. Indeed what a coward he is!