Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Admitting defeat?

Was Charles stung by our last post that he has a utopian _ and utterly misinformed _ view of what is going on in Iraq? Today, for the first time in ages, he tacitly admits that America's crusade there has been a failure.


Nuclear Cop said...

It's a tough call, man. On the one hand, Muslims can clearly only compete with other Muslims in the heavyweight division of depraved violence.

On the other, the situation in Iraq is all a media beat-up, we are winning the peace, and these previously pro-US bloggers have been bought off by Soros. And CAIR.

Liamsi Malles said...

What the fuck are you nattering about, you retarded monkey?

Go back to LGF and wank-off with the rest of the ass pirates there.